Myvélo’v Long-Term Electric Bike Rental Launches June 30

Published: 2018/06/21

Updates on the Lyon Vélo’v service continue with long-term electric bikes


Updates to Lyon’s popular Vélo’v bike rental began this spring with the introduction of new lock stations and continue this summer with new short-term bikes and a trial of the long-term offer: myvélo’v.


Lyon’s revamped Vélo’v system continues to grow, with the opening of the long-term electric bike rental program Myvélo’v on June 30.

Vélo’v is a short-term bike rental program popular with residents and tourists. It allows subscribers to take bikes from lock stations all over the city for 30 minutes or up to three days.

The city began redoing the aging system in April, with new online accounts, a mobile app, better ticket machines and lock stations, and lighter, more durable bikes.

myvelov long term electric rental bike in lyon

The long-term bikes are streamlined, electric version of the normal short-term rentals. © City of Lyon/JCDecaux

The city also introduced a new offer: the possibility for long-term rental of an electric bike. Myvélo’v is designed to allow people who may be interested in buying an electric bike to test it out for up to a year.

A pilot phase of the offer launches on June 30, with the first 100 electric bikes available for rental during the event at La Fosse aux Ours in Lyon 3 (1 Place Antonin Jutard, 69003).

The city plans to release 500 more electric bikes in September, with 1000 to come in 2019.

Subscribers can get a month-long rental for €60 or a year for €50 per month, plus €5 for insurance. Subscriptions are eligible for up to 50% of transportation reimbursement from employers.

The program allows users to treat the bike like their own, with no need to lock it into a Vélo’v station at the end of their ride. Subscribers receive one of the high-end bikes, all-inclusive maintenance at one of the six Cyclable® stores in the city, partial insurance cover for theft and damages, a luggage rack and bike lock.

Additional accessories like baskets and child seats are also available.

The first 100 bikes are available to be reserved now by mail at and can be picked up during the Fosse aux Ours event on June 30.