Lyon Releases Thousands of New Bikes and Lock Points to Vélo’v Users

Published: 2018/05/26 by

The Vélo’v system update started in April continues this summer


The City of Lyon has taken on a project to renew the city’s popular bike rental service, Vélo’v, introducing redesigned bikes, more stations, and the myVélo’v electronic bike system.


Over the course of one night from July 17-18, 4,000 new Vélo’v bikes will be installed throughout the streets of Lyon. The increase comes as part of a plan to expand the overall Vélo’v system to more parts of the city.

The revamp consists of new accounts connected to a new mobile application, as well as redesigned bikes, more lock points at popular stations, and stations throughout Lyon’s main suburbs.

lyon new velov bikes for 2018

The new bikes are lighter-weight as well as safer and more durable. © Métropole de Lyon

By 2020, the service will have 5000 new bikes, 9250 lock points, and 428 stations throughout the Lyon metropolitan area.

The Vélo’v bike rental service was first started in Lyon in 2005 and now has nearly 70,000 subscribers. Bike traffic in the city has increased about 15% per year since 2010, including 26% in 2016. The Vélo’v system in particular offers an inexpensive alternative to car and public transport.

Vélo’v changes and pricing

The new service comes with 10 big changes. First, users no longer need to go to the ticket machine at each station to take bikes out; the new Vélo’vs will be detachable by contactless card readers on the bikes themselves and through the Vélo’v smartphone application.

The phone app also provides itineraries throughout the city and sends users notifications so they know their bike was locked properly, cutting down on accidental time overages.

The new Vélo’vs also include electronic locking, which means there’s no need for a key or cable when locking a bike outside of a station. The electronic locking is also fully connected to the online system, so users can return bikes even when the station is full.

The ticket machines will be revamped, with more sensitive touch screens and USB plugs in case people need to recharge their phones.

The new bikes themselves are also redesigned: they are lighter-weight, have more indicator lights, and are more durable than the previous Vélo’vs.

The change in service comes with a change in rates, starting June 1 for all new subscribers. Current users remain on the old rates through the end of their subscription. A year subscription increases from €25 to €31 (€16.50 for ages 14-25). One-time use for one trip, a day, or three days starts at €1.80 (up from €1.50) with the Lyon City Card.

MyVélov: A new long-term offer

The new Vélo’v service also includes the release of the myVélo’v electric bike program. MyVélo’v is a long-term rental system where users can test out an electric bike for a month of a year to see if they would want to buy one. The rental costs €60 for a month, or €50 per month for a year.

MyVélo’v starts June 30 with the release of 100 bikes, with 400 more to be added in September and 500 for 2019.

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