Lyon’s Women just won a New Title

Published: 2019/05/24
Women’s sport in Lyon has gotten on a new level. ASVEL Féminin, the professional basketball club evolving in Division 1 in France, just won its first major title.


In the tense game against Lattes-Montpellier (75-61) at Mado-Bonnet’s stadium, they managed to score all throughout the game and keep their strong advantage to earn their title. After a final that had to be played in 5 legs, they finally won the title of “Championne de France”.



Freshly rebought by Tony Parker in 2017, the club is now reborn and is only starting its ascension. The recently hired coach, Zvezdan Mitrovic, proves that he can bring a team to the trophy. He had already done that with Monaco and is now showing what a great investment he is for ASVEL Lyon.

Now that the players have gotten to know each other better throughout this season and not many changes are expected for next season, this win promises to be one of many.



The public’s interest is also growing. They now officially have a “ultras” fan-group, Kop Asv’elles. Similar to the ones for the OL, it proves that the people have decided to support the team. This one is rather recent and has been created by local students.


After OL’s title, the women’s rugby team also earning it, ASVEL finishes off this year’s streak. After the well deserved summer break, the next season promises to be rich in emotions and achievements.