Lyon becomes France’s largest ecological city

Published: 2020/06/30
The Green Party candidate, Grégory Doucet, came out on top in the Lyon municipal elections on Sunday, June 28. Allied with the left, Grégory Doucet has become the new mayor of Lyon, replacing Gérard Collomb, previously in office since 2001 and a former socialist and supporter of Emmanuel Macron. The environmentalists will also be leading the Metropolis of Lyon, a region including 59 cities.


He was unknown only a few months ago, however Gregory Doucet and his green-left-wing lists came first in the second round of municipal elections (52.6%) in Lyon on Sunday, June 28. He becomes the new mayor of Lyon replacing Gérard Collomb, also a former Minister of the Interior (2017-2019), who did not wish to run for re-election.

Gérard Collomb supported his young deputy Yann Cucherat (En Marche, Macron’s Party), associated with the local right. This is the first time that Lyon, France’s third largest city, is led by the EELV environmental party.

Lyon wants to become a reference in environmental matters

“Lyon had a date with history. Lyon chose ecology,” said Grégory Doucet after his victory. “We are going to prepare the city to face the consequences of global warming. We are going to serve as an example to other cities for the greatest challenge in history. Lyon is going to become a reference”.

Grégory Doucet, the new mayor of Lyon

Grégory Doucet, the new mayor of Lyon

The environmentalists had come out on top in the first round on March 15. The second round should have taken place on March 22 but was postponed due to the pandemic. Excluding the 2nd and the 6th arrondissements, the environmentalists won the other 7 of the City’s 9 boroughs with a record 62% abstention rate.

Priority to culture, education and cycling

Grégory Doucet is 46 and the father of 3 boys. He has devoted most of his professional life to humanitarian work. Also an executive at Handicap International, Grégory Doucet was in charge of operations in West Africa. He joined the Green Party EELV in 2009, and became Secretary General in Lyon in 2017. This is the first time he has been elected to office.

Grégory Doucet announced that his first priorities would be culture, education and the development of cycling in Lyon.

Environmentalists run the Lyon Metropolis

Environmentalists are also in the majority in the Metropolis of Lyon. This new institution brings together 59 municipalities where they will manage the urban planning, transportation, cleanliness, water and economic attractiveness of the region.

Bruno Bernard, new president of the Metropolis of Lyon

Bruno Bernard, the new President of the Metropolis of Lyon

Bruno Bernard, a 50 years old entrepreneur, elected environmentalist in Villeurbanne, will be the President of the Metropolis of Lyon. He will replace David Kimelfeld, who came third in the election.

This victory for the Greens in both Lyon and the Metropolis marks the end of the era of Gérard Collomb, who had led these two assemblies since 2001. He said the defeat of his candidates marked “the end of his political life“.