Les Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu Have Opened

Published: 2018/12/22

Les Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu, perfect for locals and tourists

Nine of the best artisan food producers in France are selling their goods at Les Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu, next to Place Bellecour.

Nine Artisan Food Producers in One Place

The upper floor of Les Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu.

Like in the Halles de Paul Bocuse in Part-Dieu, the Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu offers customers stalls selling delicious produce.

Brands currently at the market are: the grocers Cerise et Potiron, the wine-seller Guyot, the boulangerie Pozzoli, the chocolatier Voisin, the fish-sellers La Maison Vianey, the patisserie Pignol, and the fromagerie Mère Richard.

In addition to this, the butchers Trolliet and restaurant le Théodore will open in January.

Gerard Collomb, mayor of Lyon, tweeted following his visit that, ‘La Mère Richard, Voisin and 7 other big brands, all names that the Lyonnaise are attached to, will take their place in this new and emblematic place.’

For Tourists and Locals Alike

Plenty of wine to choose from at Guyot.


Perfect for locals living in the Presqu’île, many of the brands at the Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu are open 7 days a week.

But the Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu will also certainly attract tourists due to its handy location, right next to Bellecour square. Bringing together many of the Lyonnais’ most-loved brands, it’s a great way to get a taste of Lyon’s gastronomy.

Plenty to Try

Fresh fruit and veg from Cerise et Potiron.

The brands at the Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu have lots on offer. You can get everything you need for a great dinner: vegetables from Cerise et Potiron, meat from Trollier, wine from Guyot, and dessert from Voisin or Pignol.