All You Need To Know About Covid-19 Lockdown in Lyon

Published: 2020/03/18
Lyon is in lockdown. President Macron has announced that from the 17th March, measures are in place to reduce contact and travel to the strictest minimum. 

[UPDATE: 01/04]

This means we can only leave our homes to go to work, if we can’t work remotely, go food shopping, see a doctor, travel for childcare or care for vulnerable people or take our pets or ourselves out for exercise. And this means around the home and without any gathering.

Anyone outside need to present a certificate, available here, stating their reason for being out (a hand written version is accepted).

Violating this will mean penalties (€135).

Lyon streets empty due to Covid-19

The streets of a usually bustling Lyon are virtually deserted amid fears about Covid-19. © Katy Dartford

Travelling in Lyon during the Covid-19 lockdown

So what’s been shut and how can we travel?

  • All of Lyon’s green spaces, gardens and playgrounds, including the Parc de la Tête d’Or, Parc Gerland and Parc Blandan have been closed. Berges du Rhône and Saône have also been closed on Wednesday. All of Villeurbanne gardens are also closed. The Voie Verte in Caluire-et-Cuire s no longer accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • All Vélo’V bikes can still be rented but Bluely, Citiz and Yea! Services are closed.
  • Paid on-street parking has been suspended to help people staying at home and to facilitate priority travel.
  • Bus, tram, funicular and metro services have been reduced. Details can be found on
    Not all “Junior Direct” school lines will run during the closure of schools.

Waste collection is continuing in Lyon

  • Measures are changing day by day but waste collection is continuing as are cleaning services.
  • But all recycling centres are closed and all occasional waste collection services (recycling centres, mobile, river recycling centres, and voluntary green waste collection points) are also suspended.
food market lyon cover 19

Food markets are still open in Lyon. But for how long? © Crouzet

  • Most Food markets are now closed (01/04).In Lyon, there are many local grocery stores and producers who can provide us with all the healthy food we need, for example in the form of baskets we can order online brimming with seasonable vegetables grown locally or quality GMO-free meat produced on the farm-  thus helping to support producers in the region.This map lists in Lyon, shows who’s offering their services during the confinement period. The main ethos is fighting food waste and promoting sustainable food. The map was put together by Bellebouffe , a Lyon association that promotes unsold food and cuts out the middle man in the food supply chain, and local Lyon group, Zero Waste , which promotes the concept at local level.
  • Postal services are still operating in Lyon.

Cinemas, bars, sports facilities are closed in Lyon

These measures add to those introduced on Saturday evening:

  • All non-essential places open to the public (cinemas, bars, nightclubs, restaurants) were closed.
  • All  Municipal museums, the city’s cultural facilities, such as theatres and libraries are closed as is Lyon zoo in the Tête d’Or.
Lyon tobacco shop cover-19

Tobacco shop are open in France. © Katy Dartford

  • Only pharmacies, food shops, gas stations, banks, tobacco shops and public services remain open.
  • All sports facilities, including gyms, stadiums, swimming pools and skating rinks are closed