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Collisions Urbaines Comes to Lyon

Thanks to the urban art association Superposition, live art performances will be held outdoors in Lyon from 26th-28th April 2019.

The Collisions Urbaines will take place from 26th-28th April 2019. Photo taken from the event’s Facebook page.

Collisions Urbaines

The event – ‘Collisions Urbaines’ or ‘Urban Collisions’ – will involve various urban art performances, including electronic music, modern dances and street art.

A jam-packed weekend is to be expected at Lyon Arts Dance Center (LADC)  and its outdoor spaces, where the festival will take place. 18 graffiti artists will be taking over the walls of the LADC to celebrate street art. There will also be 23 DJs across three days and two nights. Information about the foodtrucks and other happenings will be released soon.

Celebrating Superposition’s 3rd Birthday

The series of performances celebrates Superposition’s 3rd birthday. The association organises many cultural activities that celebrate urban art. Superposition also recently opened an open-air museum in the 2nd arrondissement, which offers a rich cultural program, open to all. The program includes concerts, DJs, permanent exhibitions, and workshops on graffiti, pottery, and other art forms.

A ‘Warm-Up’ Festival

The Collisions Urbaines is a warm-up for the Urban Art Jungle festival. ©miss Den’Ki

The Collisions Urbaines is also a warm-up for the 5th edition of the association’s Urban Art Jungle Festival, which will take place 14th-16th June 2019. Urban Art Jungle Festival is arguably the principal cultural urban festival in Lyon, bringing together artists, musicians, well-known performers and emerging talents to promote urban art to the biggest number of people possible.

So get ready for the Urban Art Jungle festival by heading down to the Collisions Urbaines from 26th-28th April 2019.

More information

Price information :

Three day passes cost 5€ for non-members of the association in presale, or 6€ on the door. 1 night passes cost 8€ for non-members of the association in presale, or 10€ on the door. Whilst full passes - for the three days and two nights of the festival - cost 12€ for non-members of the association in presale or 15€ on the door.

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