The Lyon Improv Fest Launches at Improvidence Theatre May 5-12

Published: 2018/04/19

The LIF Welcomes International Guests to Teach the Ropes of Improvisation


The Lyon Improv Fest is the first of its kind, reuniting the world’s top improv performers to host workshops and shows across the various improvisation genres.


Lyon’s Improvidence Theater is putting together the first Lyon Improv Fest on May 5-12, including 15 international guests, 25 workshops, and 20 shows over the course of the week.

The Lyon Improv Fest is held entirely in English, welcoming famous performers from around the world including Americans Jill Bernard, Joe Bill and Tim Orr; the UK’s Mark Jane, Heather Urquhart, and Joe Samuel; Canada’s Lee White; and Australia’s Patti Stiles. Alongside them are top French, Italian, German, Argentinian, and Colombian improvisation performers.

Lyon Improv festival guests

The Lyon Improv Fest features top improvisation artists from across the world. ©Lyon Improv Fest

The 300+ improvisors will perform shows and give workshops on improv skills like narrative longform, solo scenes, mirror theory, character creation, body movement, and more.

lyon improv fest performers map

The performers will host shows and workshops throughout the week, sharing their hard-earned improv wisdom. ©Lyon Improv Fest

Opening the weeklong festival is the show EPIC, at 9 p.m. at the Palais de la Mutualité (1 Place Antonin Jutard, 69003). A closing ceremony will be held at La Comédie de l’Odéon at 7:30 p.m. on May 12.

The Improvidence Theatre (6 Rue Chaponnay, 69003) was opened in 2014, as the only theater in France exclusively dedicated to improv shows. It hosts over 800 shows per year and also functions as a training center for improvisation classes.


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1-day €95
2-day €190
3-day €285
4-day €380

All access fest pass €50

Guest performance full price €21
Fest price €10 + 1 free drink

Invited troupe full price €12
Fest price €8 + 1 free drink)