The Improvidence Theater

The Improvidence: France’s first improvised comedy theater

The Improvidence features only completely improvised shows, with actors and companies from all over France and abroad coming to perform in this unique theater. Some shows are in English.


The only theater in France to feature exclusively improvised shows

The Improvidence opened in 2014. It was and still is to this day the only theater in France to feature exclusively improvised shows.


improvidence lyon theater


It aimed to create a real community around improvisation and showcase the wide variety of shows that exist: improvised comedy, fully improvised plays, musicals or even concerts.

Two to three shows are performed every night, seven days a week. They feature improvisers from Lyon but also the very best improvisers from all over France and other countries.



Training center for improv

The Improvidence is also a training center, with workshops most week ends. These workshops cover a wide variety of topics, from simply discovering improvisation to advanced techniques for seasoned improvisers. Monthly day-long trainings are also available for beginners.

Most shows and workshops are in French, but some are in English, with more to come in the future. Most notably the show Why Not? is performed in English, and workshops for beginners are also being scheduled.

Workshops in English

These workshops are for anyone who wants to learn how to improvise, including people who want to do improv for fun, to better their professional skills, or to eventually pursue it professionally.

Students start to learn the skills needed to create strong improvised scenes. Some of these skills include building ensemble, giving and taking focus, object work, and, one of the most crucial fundamentals of improv, the concept of “yes, and.”


Tickets purchased directly at the theater are 12€ or 16€ depending on the show.

On tuesdays students get a special offer: 5€ per ticket, no reservation required.


Shows and Events at the Improvidence Theater



Tickets: from 6€ to 16€

Workshops: starting at 30€


Phone: 09 53 36 70 72

Website: The Improvidence Theater

How to get there?

Tramway line T1, stop at Liberté
Metro line D, stop at Guillotière
By car: paid car park “Fosse aux ours”

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