SIRHA and BIG to Return to Lyon 26th-30th January 2019

Published: 2018/12/26

A Massive 2984 Brands to Show at This Year’s SIRHA

The famous trade fair, SIRHA, will again bring together renowned professionals in the food industry. BIG is also back in style, with many culinary events across the city.

An International Food Fair

‘What is SIRHA?’ you may ask. Well, SIRHA brings together many of the best professionals in the gastronomy industry to participate in a huge trade fair.

It’s a great place for those in the food industry to network and socialise. There is also, of course, the opportunity to taste foods and drinks. There will also be cooking demonstrations and an exhibition on current food trends at the designated Food Studio.



SIRHA is famous for its competitions, including the Bocuse d’Or, the International Catering Cup, and the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Watching some of the best chefs in the world battle it out to win these prestigious competitions is an incredible experience.


BIG, an international culinary festival across Lyon

But with the hefty price tag for tickets, unsurprisingly SIRHA isn’t for everyone. An alternative option is to visit the events of BIG, an international culinary festival across Lyon, whose events run from the 24th until 30th January 2019.

There’s plenty on the programme, to name a few events- a solidarity soup festival from 24th until 26th January (the money from which goes to the charity Notre Dame des sans-abris), photo exhibitions of Paul Bocuse and the la Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, an auction at the Puces du Canal, and an incredible 3 Michelin-starred dinner at the town hall open to up to 400 food-lovers.   


Tickets for SIRHA cost 150€ for two people when purchased online, or 150€ for one person when bought on the door.
It will take place at Eurexpo - Entrée Visiteurs: Boulevard des Droits de l’Homme, 69500 Bron. SIRHA will run from 26th-30th January 2019. Doors will be open to visitors from 9am until 6pm.

For BIG, it is only necessary to buy tickets for Le festiv'halles and the dinner at the Town Hall. This can be done by calling +334 27 01 83 58. Tickets for the dinner cost 50€ per person, whilst tickets for Le festiv'halles cost 99€ per person.