Catch Theatrical Performances in Lyon 9 with Les Dimanches de l’Île Barbe

Published: 2019/06/25

Les Dimanches de l’Île Barbe Returns This July 2019

Les Dimanches de l’Île Barbe, part of the City of Lyon’s “Fêtons l’été” programme, return with nine free theatrical performances on the Sundays between 7th to 21st July.
outdoor theater at the dimanches de l'ile barbe in Lyon in 2017

Don’t miss the outdoor theatre! © MJC Saint Rambert

Come Down to Lyon 9 in July

The performances of Les Dimanches de l’Île Barbe will take place on a small island in the middle of the Saône. This part of Lyon 9 isn’t always on the top of visitors’ lists, but the Ile Barbe has plenty to offer.

Its main site is its 5th century abbey, which was the first monastic establishment in the Lyonnaise region. Despite it being an island in the middle of the Saône river its not that hard to get to thanks to the bridge built in 1827, linking the island to the right and left bank of the Saône river.

Theatre on the Ile Barbe

Lyon’s Dimanches de l’Île Barbe are the perfect chance to explore the island, whilst watching several performances, from 35 artists and 9 free shows. The events take place on the 7th July, 14th July and 21st July from 3pm-8pm.

Following theatrical performances during the day, the evenings will be dedicated to music – from classical to jazz performances.

Head down to the Ile Barbe for a picnic on this beautiful and historical island, then stick around for the music in the evenings!


The events are free of charge.