Catch the Final Days of Adel Abdessemed’s “L’Antidote” at the Lyon MAC

Published: 2018/05/30

“L’Antidote” is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art until July 8


Abdessemed’s “L’Antidote” pushes back against humanity’s brutality in controversial pieces of marble, clay, video, and other materials.


Update : The Museum of Contemporary art is closed this summer until September 21.


Adel Abdessemed’s exhibit “L’Antidote” is wrapping up its stay at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon after a controversial run.

shams in adel abdessemed's l'antidote exhibit at the lyon museum of contemporary art

“Shams” is one of the pieces in the exhibit, made up of 500 square meters of red clay. © Adagp, Paris, 2018. Courtesy of macLYON

L’Antidote” showcases Abdessemed’s personal experiences alongside public opposition to violent and authoritarian regimes around the world. The exhibit is meant to question and decry the brutality humanity can wreak.

Abdessemed named the show after the L’Antidote bar here in Lyon, where he met his wife during his years as a student at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (l’ENSBA).

The show got off to a rocky start when it opened in March, due to a video depicting burning chickens. The work, called “Spring,” was meant to criticize animal cruelty, but was poorly interpreted and eventually removed from the exhibit in a joint decision between Abdessemed and the museum.

“L’Antidote” closes out on July 8, after a successful four months campaigning against worldly injustices of all kinds.



Normal: €8
Reduced: €4
Free for children under 18