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Lyon’s Tattoo Festival 2019

Lyon’s tattoo festival will take place on 9th and 10th February 2019.

Do you see tattooing as a chance to decorate the blank canvas of your body? If so, then head over to Lyon’s tattoo festival on 9th and 10th February 2019.

180 Specialists in One Place

There will be 180 exhibitors at Lyon’s tattoo festival, including some of the best tattoo artists, allowing you to explore the current trends and innovations in the industry, as well as being tattooed yourself.

The distinct style that goes hand in hand with the tattooing industry will also be celebrated at the festival as you can buy t shirts and other items that celebrate the punk history of tattooing and its distinctive art style.

Lyon’s 22nd Annual Tattoo Festival

Last year’s tattoo convention was a great success. ©Philippe Venet, Lyon tattoo convention

Lyon’s tattoo festival is a highlight of many tattoo-enthusiasts’ calendars, with this year’s festival marking the 22nd year on the run that tattoo-lovers have flocked to Lyon. It’s certainly not an event to be missed if you’re thinking of getting inked this year!

If you’re looking to get tattooed at the festival, and have a particular image in mind, be sure to contact one of the tattoo artists before going to the festival so you can get exactly what you want. There is a list of the tattooists on the festivals website, which can be accessed here.

A Day of Entertainment

The festival also has plenty on offer besides from tattooing to entertain you. There will be cabaret shows and performances by a variety of people, from singers to jugglers.

If you fancy yourself as a pro-tattooist, you can even enter one of your creations into the tattoo competition, which will be judged by a panel of judges. If not, you can go along to admire the works of art.


More information

Price information :

Tickets cost 25€.

The event will take place at Double Mixte, 19 avenue Gaston Berger, 69100, Villeurbanne.

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