Bells and Spells takes to the stage at Lyon’s Célestins theatre

Published: 2018/11/18

Victoria Thierrée Chaplin directs Bells and Spells at Lyon’s Célestins theatre

Bells and Spells comes to Lyon’s Célestins Theatre © Richard Haughton

Bells and Spells will be performed at Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon (Lyon’s Célestins Theatre) from 12th December until 31st December.

A magical play

Aurélia Thierrée plays the protagonist, a kleptomaniac who is influenced by the things she steals. In the play, magic allows objects to have a life of their own, creating a mesmerising and spellbinding spectacle for the audience.

A play without logic and rationale

Bells and Spells is a play for enjoyment: there is no logic or reason. Thanks to the mirages and tricks, the audience will feel as if they are hallucinating.


Ticket prices range from 9€ to 38€.