Confluence Laser Game

In the Confluence district, the headquarters of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, is housing “Deep Web”, a kinetic and luminous work by German designer Christopher Bauder, set to music by DJ Robert Henke.


Deep Web is an installation using 12 high-precision lasers and a matrix of 175 moving balloons to create a dramatic three-dimensional sculpture of lines and dots floating in space above the audience. The choreography is synced to a musical score played back in 8 channel surround sound

Robert Henke’s website



“Deep Web”, by Christopher Bauder, and Robert Henke. Lyon


Unlike all other performances this year, this is the only one to be found inside.



Where to go next

A red elephant at Part-Dieu

Those arriving by train at Part-Dieu station will be welcomed by an incredible red elephant, placed on the plaza of place Beraudier.

Confluences Museum joins in

The new Confluence Museum, the most visited site in Lyon, is taking part in the Festival of Lights for the first time