Best swimming pools and aquatic parks in Lyon

Summer is here and it’s hot. So where to swim in Lyon and around Lyon? What are the best places to refresh yourself? This is Lyon gathered for you information about swimming pools, aquatic parks and natural sites to enjoy with friends and families.

By Clemence Brun

Most swimming pools in France have regulations about swimsuit.
Boardshorts are often forbidden so make sure you have a swim brief or a square-cut short. Likewise, swimming cap are not always mandatory but it is always best to have one with you just in case. Although some pools offer to rent appropriate swimming suit if you do not have the right one.
It is also important to note that swimming pools in France are chlorine sanitized so be careful if you are too sensitive.


Lyon’s Best Swimming Pools


Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand

This outdoor swimming pool is located on the Rhône riverside. This pool is the most frequented one of Lyon, a pool you have to test at least once. You have to be ready for a long wait since it is the favourite place of many Lyonnais but it is worth it.

Piscine du Rhône in Lyon

Centre nautique Tony Bertrand or “Piscine du Rhone” in Lyon

Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand has an Olympic pool of 50 meters (164.0 ft) in length, opened all year long, and another pool, for leisure activities in the summer.
Summer opening hours: everyday: 10 am – 8 pm
(8 quai Claude Bernard – 69007 Lyon)


Piscine de Gerland

UPDATE : Piscine de Gerland is closed in 2019.

A outdoor swimming pool of 50 meters (164.0 ft) in length, a paddling pool, three diving boards and many sporty activities: you are sure to find something to do in this open-air pool!
Opening hours:
– From Monday to Friday: 11h30 am – 7h30 pm.
– Saturday and Sunday: 11h00 am – 7h30 pm.

(353 avenue Jean Jaurès – 69007 Lyon)


Piscine de Vaise

An indoor swimming pool, open throughout the entire year, except during August so be careful! You can either go to the Olympic pool or the children pool.
Opening hours: until July 29
Olympic pool:
– From Monday to Friday: 7h00 am – 2h00 pm
– Saturday: 8h30 am – 1h00 pm
Children pool:
– From Monday to Friday: 9h00 am – 1h00 pm
– Saturday: 9h00 am – 12h00 pm.

(50 avenue Sidoine Apollinaire – 69009 Lyon)


Swimming Pools near Lyon


Pool Isabelle Jouffroy in Caluire

There are three pools in Caluire: one for sporty activities (25m/82ft), a recreational one and a paddling pool. On the outside, you can enjoy Pentagliss, an aquatic slide. There also are three relaxing spots and the pool is equipped to welcome disabled people.
Opening hours:
– From Monday to Thursday: 10h00 am – 7h30 pm
– Friday: 7h00 am – 7h30 pm
– Saturday, Sunday public holiday: 10h00 am – 7h00 pm

(310 avenue Elie Vignal – 69300 Caluire et Cuire)


Piscine Le Kubdo in Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon

Indoor and outdoor pools open all year-long, for adults and children and offering swimming classes.
Opening hours:
– Monday: 12h00 pm – 7h00 pm
– Tuesday: 10h00 am – 7h00 pm
– Wednesday: 10h00 – 12h00 pm
– From Thursday to Sunday: 10h00 am – 7h00 pm
(28 avenue du 11 Novembre, 69110 Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon)


Caliceo in Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon

Only swimsuit accepted are swim brief and square-cute short for men, two-piece and tank-suit for women. Swimsuit are sold at the centre reception.
Relaxation centre offering aquatic fitness as well as spa, massages and beauty treatment.
Opening hours: Everyday
– Aquatic fitness: 10h00 am – 9h00 pm
– Spa/beauty/massages: 10h00 am – 7h00 pm
(Le Plan du Loup, Rue Sainte Barbe – 69110 Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon)


Aquatic parks near Lyon


Aquavert in Francheville

An educational pool of 18m in length (59.0 ft) with an indoor aquatic slide of 33m (108.3 ft), ideal for having fun. If you would rather practice your swimming skills, there is a sporty pool of 25m in length (82.0 ft). Small children can enjoy the paddling pool during all summer. Do not miss the outdoor aquatic slide of 52m (170.3 ft)! Swimming cap are mandatory.
The pool is also equipped to welcome disabled people.
Opening hours:
– Everyday: 10h00 am – 6h00 pm

(1 chemin des Cytises – 69340 Francheville)


Les Cascades in Trévoux

If you are looking for a place to spend a fun day with your family and friends, you might try this aquatic park, located thirty minutes away from Lyon.

Les Cascades Aquatic Center in Trévoux near Lyon

Here you will find several swimming pools (1,800m2 /19.4 sq ft of warm water), an 42m long slide (137.9ft), several other slides, giant waterfalls, a paddling pool and several other fun activities.
Opening hours:
– Everyday: 10h00 am – 8h00 pm.

(1 Allée des Cascades – 01600 Trevoux, Ain)


La Plaine Tonique near Montrevel-en-Bresse

Camping site with many aquatic activities (beaches by the lakeside, an aquatic centre, nautical leisure…). Information available in French, English, German and Dutch! Do not miss this opportunity to visit Bresse and its (culinary) patrimony!

(599 Route d’Etrez – 01340 Malafretaz)


AquaParc La Vallée Bleue

Mostly famous for its pool of 1,200 m2/12.9 sq ft, this park offers many more leisure activities such as water slides and paddling pools. You can even stay there for a few days, either through booking one of their hostel or through camping.

Boardshorts are forbidden. A vending machine is available; it only accepts 10€ or 5€ banknotes and coins and gives change.
Opening hours:
– Everyday: 10h30 am – 7h30 pm.

(Base de loisirs, Rue des Carrières – 38390 Montalieu-Vercieu, Isère)


Natural sites for swimming near Lyon


Lac d’Aiguebelette in Savoie

Lake Aigubelette, one hour driving from Lyon.

As Henri Bordeaux said, Aiguebellete lake is an « emerald pearl set in a jewellery case of green mountains ». Many supervised beaches have been set up so you can swim in all safety in the lac. You can even go fishing or rent a boat!

(Lépin-le-Lac, Savoie)


Lac des Sapins in Clublize

The biggest biological pool of Europe: it feels just like a natural lake thanks to the absence of chlorine. Many other activities are proposed, including swimming in the lake. But be careful, it is highly frequented.
Opening hours for the biological pool:
– Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and week-end: 10h30 am – 7h30 pm
– Thursday: 1h00 pm – 7h30 pm
The lac is accessible everyday from 10h30 am to 7h30 pm.

(69550 Cublize)


Lac Cormoranche near Macon

The ideal place for a family day-trip. Many activities are proposed around the lake besides swimming such as fishing, kayaking and others.
There is a 4-stars camping site if you want to stay for more than one day.
Information available in French, English, Dutch and German.

(Base de loisirs – 01290 Cormoranche-sur-Saône, Ain)