My pictures and video of the Original Festival

Published: 2017/06/28

My Saturday night of June 24 was honoured by an accreditation to the Original Festival, one of the most reputated Hip-hop music event of the region.



After a warm-up  by two DJ’s from local crew Ratchet Lab three artists came on stage: French artist Gros Mo, the local rapper Lcysta, and the highly expected Mac Miller from Pittsburgh.

Here’s some pictures of  how I experienced this mind-blowing event:

An American and a French DJ from Ratchet Lab make the crowd ready to what’s next with an excellent mix of all the biggest Hip-hop modern hits:

L'Original - hiphop festival in Lyon

Photo by Dominique Bissai

Lcysta and his crew continue the show with 6 songs and a performance full of energy. The connexion between the artist and his audience was real.

Lcysta hiphop MC from Lyon

Lcysta in the public of original Photo by Dominique Bissai

Smoke clouds, good vibes and a good sens of humor, Gros mo demonstrates his showman talent with chill and attitude.

Gros Mo hiphop performance, l'original festival

Gros Mo

Then the much expected Mac Miller concludes with colourful illustration of his very critically acclaimed album The Divine Feminine.

Mac Miller by Dominique Bissai

The Original festival was definitely a wonderful musical experience I had the chance to assist to, thanks to Thisislyon. A successful edition for the Original which combines hip-hop and sharing.



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