Le Presse Papier becomes a member of the Wallpaper History Society

Published: 2023/02/10

Le Presse papier studio enters the Wallpaper History Society

This February 2023, Le Presse Papier becomes a member of the no less famous Wallpaper History Society (UK) alongside very great English actors and craftsmen.
Le Presse papier publishes and manufactures wallpapers and textiles of excellence, it perpetuates the traditions of textile creation in the land of the Jacquard craftsman and the silk manufacturers of Lyon.

Wallpaper by French studio from Lyon, France


For 10 years now, le Presse papier has been designing and making high-end wallpapers and furnishing fabrics. This small business, based at the foot of the city’s Croix-rousse hill, draws inspirations from the tradition of Lyon’s silk manufacturers, and adds it’s own abundant creativity.

“Each design tells a story”

In 2023 le Presse Papier is selling its collections to many parts of the world. 5 designers, all with backgrounds in Lyon’s fabric studios, are overseen by founder and artistic director Sébastien Barcet. All collections are first designed by hand and then printed digitally.
Their motifs include flowers, geometric elements and landscapes.

Hotels and restaurants are fond of these designs crafted in Lyon to create chic ambiences in their establishments.

“We make wallpapers to order and ship them out quickly, within seven or eight days. We don’t hold any stock.” says S.Barcet.

Le Presse papier
5, Place Chazette – LYon 69001