Lyon’s Biennale d’art contemporain Moves House

Published: 2019/03/03

Lyon’s Biennale d’art contemporain Moves to Gerland

Every odd year in Lyon is marked by the Biennale d’art contemporain – Lyon’s contemporary art festival. This year’s festival will not take place in its usual location of la Sucrière, as it is relocating to Gerland.

Lyon’s Biennale d’art contemporain brings together artists from all over the world. This piece of art is called Babel, and was shown at a previous Biennale d’art contemporain. The piece was made by Brazilian conceptual artist Cildo Meireless. ©Agomstino Osio

What is the Biennale d’art contemporain?

The Biennale d’art contemporain occurs every other year in Lyon, bringing together contemporary artists along with its fans. The festival attracts a massive 248,000 visitors and 532 artists.

Great works of art come together in one place at Lyon’s contemporary art festival. Indeed, 63% of the artworks shown at the festival have been created on site just for the festival.

A committee carefully selects the artists who will come to the festival. This year’s artists represent a variety of generations and nationalities.

Relocation to Gerland

Fagor Factory in Lyon Gerland during nuits Sonores music festival 2018 © Fred Crouzet

This year’s Biennale d’art contemporain marks the 15th year the festival has run.

But this year’s festival, held between 18th September 2019 and 5th January 2020, will be different, as it is no longer taking place in La Sucrière.

For the first time ever, the festival will find itself in the heart of Gerland, in an industrial wasteland, known as the Usines Fagor (Fagor factories).

Such abandoned factories are well-known (and much-loved) by those who frequently attend the Nuits Sonores music festival.

They were built in 1945, but were finally closed in 2015. Sitting empty, they boast 29,000m2 of space – perfect for a festival.