Lyon Urban Trail celebrates its 15th anniversary

Published: 2023/03/24
Lyon Urban Trail celebrates its 15th anniversary on March 26th, 2023, with nearly 8,000 runners expected at Place Saint-Jean.


Four distances of different lengths are again on the program, catering to runners of all levels, with a revamped itinerary for each course. The race takes place in the rugged terrain of Lyon, featuring two hills, historic sites, rivers, and steep streets.


Lyon Urban Trail 2023: 15th edition

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Discover the routes of the Lyon urban trail 2023

  • The 37km course, the most challenging distance with 6,000 steps and 1,400m of positive altitude difference, starts at 7:30 am. It offers runners a tour of the most beautiful sites of Lyon, including the Gallo-Roman amphitheater, the Sarra rise, the Fort of Vaise, the Subsistances, the woods of Caluire, the Fort of Montessuy, the Soulary street, the Coquillat rise, and the City Hall of Lyon.
    This course is considered the original spirit of the race and is where the idea of urban trail racing originated.
    It is also the elite race with the presence this year of Marion Delespierre from Lyon (2022 world team champion) and the former winner Sébastien Spehler (2017).


  • The 25km course, starting at 8:30 am, is recommended for runners who want to experience the spectacular sites of Lyon without running the 37km course. It features hills of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse, with a visit to Caluire as a bonus. The course also passes through the new Fort Saint-Jean, which was added to the itinerary for the 2023 edition.


  • The 14km course, starting at 10 am, is the most popular course, attracting over 35% of registered runners. It features the essential spirit of the LUT, with a 650m D+. The course follows the routes of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse.


  • The 8km course, starting at 11:45 am, is an ideal course for runners to get a taste of the LUT. It features an “up and down” on the Fourvière hillside but only “licks” the slopes of the Croix-Rousse.

The revamped courses of the four distances offer a unique experience of the exceptional heritage of Lyon. The Lyon Urban Trail also helps promote tourism in Lyon and has inspired many other French and European cities to organize urban trail races.


Where to subscribe to Lyon Urban Trail 2023 ?

You can subscribe online here.

Registration on site :

  • Sat. March 25 from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm
  • Sun. March 26 from 6:30 am until the start of the races