Your Detailed Weekend Guide to Lyon, June 17-18, 2023

Published: 2023/06/17
As the summer sun begins to smile warmly over France, the vibrant city of Lyon opens its arms to welcome you with an exciting array of events, festivals, and festivities. There is something for everyone in this cultural and culinary hotspot this June 17-18, 2023.
Here’s our guide to make the most of your Lyon experience this weekend.


What To Do This Week-End – June 17 and 18 2023


Saturday, June 17, 2023

10:30 AM – Poster Exchange at Comoedia (Jean Macé)

Kickstart your day with a unique cultural experience. A mecca for movie lovers, Comoedia will be selling all their film posters, and your purchase will support local charity initiatives. Immerse yourself in the cinematic vibes and make a difference while doing so.

11:00 AM – Lyon Street Food Festival (Fagor-Brandt Factories, Debourg)



Switch from the world of films to a flavorful food paradise. The Fagor-Brandt Factories in Debourg transform into a culinary utopia, where you can sample exquisite gourmet cuisine from various cultures.

13:00 PM – Creators Market at Away Hostel (Pentes de la Croix-Rousse)

Post the delightful lunch, walk into the world of art with the Creators Market at Away Hostel. Nestled in the charismatic district, the market brims with ceramics, embroidery, home décor, second-hand clothes, and jewelry, encouraging you to shop to your heart’s content.

15:00 PM – Vintage Clothing and Tattoo Event at Semple (Guillotière)

Shift towards the edgy vibes of the Vintage Clothing and Tattoo Event at Semple. This free event presents a unique fusion of tattoo artistry with upcycled fashion.


Open air music at Ninkasi , Lyon saturday 17 june 2023


16:00 PM – Open Air and Club at Ninkasi (Gerland)

Head over to Gerland’s Open Air at Ninkasi for an exhilarating dance experience. This outdoor event, featuring Label Affair Records and Love Reaction, will set your evening alight.

18:00 PM – Disco Evening at Justin (Bellecour)

Get your disco gear on for the Disco Evening at Justin. Under the elegant arches of the Grand Hotel Dieu, you can dance to the rhythm of disco beats, surrounded by stilt walkers and spectacular dance shows.

20:00 PM – Illustrated Concert at Food Society (Part-Dieu)

Prepare for a unique audio-visual experience with the Illustrated Concert at Food Society. Featuring an extraordinary blend of reggae, rap, and live drawings, it is a first-of-its-kind event in Lyon.

21:30 PM – “La La Land” at Institut Lumière (Monplaisir)

Relive the magic of this modern musical classic “La La Land” under the star-studded Lyon sky.
Book your seat here.

23:30 PM – Big Party at Groom (Pentes de la Croix-Rousse)

Finally, dance away the remaining hours of your night at the Big Party at Groom. This 90’s themed party will keep your feet moving until the early hours.
Dub Cruiser: dub festival in Lyon, June 17 & 18 2023


Sunday, June 18, 2023

9:00 AM : The Postman’s Ascent (Montée du Facteur) in Tenay

Don’t miss this weekend event in Tenay, located in the Albarine Valley. “Les Fous du Caillou” association presents the inaugural “Montée du Facteur” (The Postman’s Ascent), a friendly event centered around hiking and trail running.
More info here.

10:00 AM – Brunch and Theatre at Taille-Crayon (Gratte-Ciel)

Begin your Sunday with an exquisite Brunch and Theatre at Taille-Crayon. Combining a mouth-watering brunch with a thrilling interactive murder mystery, this event sets a perfect tone for the rest of your day.

12:00 PM – Shopping and DJ sets at Heat (Confluence)

Next, make your way to Heat for a memorable shopping experience. You can browse through Azaadi’s new 100% organic cotton collection to the sound of DJ Amy B. and DJ Nessym.

14:00 PM – Open Air Dub at Parc des Berges du Rhône (Debourg)

Find your peace at the Open Air Dub at Parc des Berges du Rhône. Let the good vibes carry you away.

15:00 PM – Multidisciplinary Festival at Cité des Halles (Jean Macé)

Experience emotions through various art forms at the Multidisciplinary Festival at Cité des Halles.

17:30 PM – Evening at Mob Hotel in Confluence

Cap off your day with an energizing evening at Mob Hotel.


And there’s a lot more going on in Lyon that day. To find more events, take a look at our article on what to do in Lyon on Sundays.


Your weekend in Lyon promises a thrilling blend of arts, culture, music, and gastronomy, all under the warming summer sun. Here’s to an unforgettable weekend!