Lyon Free Bike’s 20th Anniversary: 2 & 3 Sept.2023

Published: 2023/08/30
For two decades, Lyon Free Bike has been revolutionizing the concept of urban cycling. This year, on September 2nd and 3rd, the event is back with a bang to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Whether you’re a solo rider, a family, or a group of friends, there’s something for everyone.
From mingling with cycling legends like Anne Caroline Chausson, Jean Christophe Peraud, and Miguel Martinez to exploring Lyon’s iconic landmarks, this event is a mecca for cycling enthusiasts from all over France and beyond.


Why Lyon Free Bike is More Than Just a Cycling Event


Lyon Free Bike is not just another cycling event; it’s a festival that celebrates the joy of cycling in an urban setting. This year’s event is expected to draw participants from various French departments and even from abroad.

The event offers a unique opportunity to “cross paths with casual riders, competitive cyclists, and even celebrities.
So, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll find yourself in good company.


Discover Lyon Like Never Before: The Routes

The event’s routes are meticulously planned to showcase the best of Lyon.
From the Roman theatres of Fourvière to the vélodrome of Parc de la Tête d’Or, these routes have become emblematic of the Lyon Free Bike experience since its inception in 2003.

This year, the event promises to “take you through iconic spots that have contributed to the event’s success over the years,” including Les Subsistances, numerous alleys, and stairway descents typical of Lyon’s hills.

Lyon Free Bike 2023: urban cycling festival

© Lyon Free Bike

Five Routes to Choose From: There’s Something for Everyone!

This year’s anniversary edition features five different cycling routes, each designed to cater to different skill levels and interests.
Whether you’re looking for a leisurely 20 km family ride or a challenging 60 km gravel ride with a 900-meter elevation gain, Lyon Free Bike has got you covered.
The event also features a 25 km “Rouler pour Elles” route, a charity ride where part of the registration fee goes to “Courir pour Elles”, an organization focused on preventing women’s cancers.
Discover the 5 routes via this link (FR).

Last-Minute Plans? No Worries!

If you’re a last-minute planner, fret not! The event organizers have made provisions for last-minute registrations. “Many participants always register at the last minute, depending on the weather,” say the organizers.
Fortunately, the weather is expected to be favorable, so you can still grab your spot.

Registrations will remain open until 30 minutes before the start of each event.


More Than Just a Ride: The Festival Village

To make the event even more memorable, a festival village complete with exhibitors and activities will be set up at Place Bellecour.
Every year, nearly 10,000 visitors flock to the event, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in cycling.

Why the Change in Starting Location?

This year, the event’s starting location has moved from Parc de Gerland to Place Bellecour due to the All Blacks rugby team setting up camp in the 7th arrondissement for the Rugby World Cup.

While this new location offers greater visibility, it does pose some “accessibility challenges for cyclists coming from outside Lyon,” especially those arriving by car, as they can’t take the metro with their bikes and family.

Ready, Set, Ride!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just looking for a fun, active way to explore Lyon, this event is for you.
With its diverse routes, last-minute registration options, and a festival atmosphere, the 20th anniversary of Lyon Free Bike promises to be an unforgettable experience.