Funicular Saint-Just to Close its Lines for Six Months

Published: 2018/12/10

Works on Saint-Just’s Funicular Leads to its Closure for Six Months

Lyon’s Saint-Just Funicular will be closed until June 2019. © SYTRAL

Saint-Just Funicular is receiving a make-over from December 10th, meaning that the line will be closed for 6 months.

Rejuvenating Saint-Just’s Funicular’s Line

During the period of the line’s closure, the carriages of Saint-Just’s funicular will undergo a complete renovation.

Saint-Just Funicular Off Until 2019

Starting from December 10th, it will not be until June 2019 that customers can ride once again on the Saint-Just funicular.

During this period, a bus replacement service will run to serve customers wanting to reach Saint-Just.