Fourvière Funiculaire Back in Service on June 5

Published: 2018/06/05

The second of Lyon’s funiculars will once again take visitors and residents up to Fourvière hill


After five months of renovation, the funicular to Fourvière hill begins running again.


The Fourvière funicular begins service again on June 5, after five months of renovation.

The funicular is one of two that make up part of the TCL public transportation system. It takes passengers up the hill to Fourvière, Lyon’s famous basilica on the hill. Frequented by tourists and residents alike, the funicular serves on average 6,000 people per day.

vieux-lyon-fourvière funicular line

The Vieux-Lyon-Fourvière funicular line is the main way to reach the Notre-Dame Basilica at the top of Lyon’s main hill.

The Fourvière line has been out of service since January 2018, as part of a planned renovation that happens every 10 years. Both funiculars are being redone, with wagons checked for security and updates on the motors that pull them up the hill.

During the renovation, shuttle buses were in place from the St. Just funicular station to Fourvière. On Tuesday, June 5, the shuttle buses will be stopped and the funicular is back for full service, just in time for tourist season.

The second funicular runs up to the neighborhood of St. Just and will be renovated next. The total cost of the two-funicular renovation sits at €4.8 million.