American-financed businesses are big winners in Lyon in 2017

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Lyon attracts international companies with high-quality education


The year 2017 saw growth in the medical, digital, industrial, and service sectors of Lyon’s international businesses, with U.S.-funded ventures coming out on top. International companies are attracted by Lyon’s education and training opportunities.


American-financed businesses experienced growth in Lyon in 2017, and the city is looking towards 2018 with a greater focus on international education programs.

Of the 103 new businesses implanted in Lyon in 2017, of which 47 are international, eight are funded with American capital, in addition to four UK- and three Canadian-funded companies.

Beyond the local development of the city, the expansion of international businesses is an important piece of Lyon’s economy and overall attraction.

“The second strongest element [of 2017] is the internationalization of the city,” said Métropole president David Kimelfeld in the Invest in Lyon press conference on February 7.

A view of the Part-Dieu business district of Lyon

U.S.-financed companies saw the biggest growth in Lyon’s international business sector, with the U.K. and Canada not far behind. (c)

Medical, Digital, Industrial, and Service Industry Growth in Lyon

The press conference reviewed business development in 2017, focusing on Lyon’s growing international presence and plans for the future.

The U.S. and U.K. businesses span the medical, digital, industrial, and service industries, while the Canadian-financed ventures deal in industry and clean technologies. This includes corporations like Amazon, Charles River, and Lord Corp.

“The key things to retain from all this is that we exceeded the establishment cap for new businesses, we’ve seen progress in the number of jobs available, and progress on the part of international businesses,” said Jean-Charles Foddis, the executive director of Invest In Lyon. “American businesses are making a big comeback.”

As far as the U.K.’s Brexit decision is concerned, Kimelfeld explained that the possible ramifications have not yet truly been felt.

“What we’re seeing, actually, is that we have a few projects coming from the U.K. but it more so concerns foreign companies with a European bureau in the U.K. who are worried about what’s to come.”

David Kimelfeld


According to Kimelfeld, these companies are looking at France and greater Europe in a new way.

International Education and Training is Part of Lyon’s Attraction

Meanwhile, Kimelfeld stressed the need for international schooling as the city moves into international territory.

“The businesses that come, they also come because in Lyon there’s a know-how of high-quality education and training,” he said.

As a goal for 2018, Invest In Lyon would like to see an increase in professional education focused on the international community, particularly for expats who are interested in further career development.

“If we want to attract international businesses we also need to have a high quality of secondary education,” Kimelfeld said. “We need to have quality international courses and career development to offer to expats in Lyon.”

Invest in Lyon, also known as Aderly in French, strives to develop Lyon’s economy and support its businesses. Founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon, Saint Etienne and Roanne, Invest in Lyon helps establish companies in the greater metropolitan area.


*answers have been translated from French

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