Watch Teams Fly as Far as They Can on their Own Homemade Vehicles

Published: 2019/05/11

Red Bull Jour D’Envol 2019

Want to Watch a Man Riding a Hamburger Fly Through the Sky? On 30th June 2019, at Lyon’s Darse de la Confluence, you can do just that, thanks to the Red Bull Jour D’Envol competition. Competitors make their own vehicle then battle it out to soar through the sky as far as they can.

The first French edition took place in Marseille in 2009. ©CLÉMENT GUILLAUME/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

Construct and Ride Your Own Vehicle

Since the first Red Bull Jour d’Envol in Vienna, Austria in 1992, more than 150 versions of the same event have taken place across the globe. On 30th June 2019, the Red Bull Jour d’Envol will return to France, coming to Lyon’s Confluence docks in Lyon 2.

Like the previous 150 events, competitors are given the task of designing, constructing, and then racing, their own non-motorised vehicle in the hope of soaring further than others.

It’s too late to sign up to participate in the event, but make sure you head to Confluence on 30th June to check out others’ creations.

Creativity, Distance and Show

Competitors can let their creativity go wild. All vehicles must weigh no more than 180kg,  and be no more than 5m in width and 6m in length. Other than that, the design is up to the competitor. This has led to some impressive designs in the past, including a taco, a burger, and a dinosaur.

The vehicle is then launched off a 6m high platform above the water.

Points are given for the show, the creativity, and the distance travelled by the vehicle.

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