Vénissieux’s Fêtes Escales Festival Celebrates its 21st Birthday

Published: 2019/06/06

Fêtes Escales Returns July 12th-14th 2019

Summer in Lyon means festivals, and the suburban town of Vénissieux is no different. Vénissieux’s Fête Escales sees the area around the town hall host a festival of music, dance, and food.

The festival will run from 12th-14th July 2019 next to Venissieux’s town hall. ©Fêtes Escales, Vénissieux

A Favourite Amongst Locals

Having run for over twenty years, the Fête Escales festival is much-loved amongst residents of Vénissieux, and central Lyon, who travel out beyond the 8th arrondissement to Lyon’s suburbs. This year the festival runs across the weekend of 12th-14th July 2019.

The festival is a multicultural and intergenerational celebration, with many activities on offer including:

  • picnics
  • food trucks
  • music concerts
  • dance
  • street art.

Three Days of Multicultural Celebration

Each day has its own theme. Friday is marked by a South American influence, with performances by Peruvian group Cumbia All Stars and Colombian band Puerto Candelaria.

Saturday celebrates urban music with Lyonnaise rapper KLM, and rap and hip-hop artists Sète and Dosseh.

Sunday will be the day for celebrating the national festival of Bastille Day, with a concert by soul/pop/funk Lyonnaise band Uptown Lovers at 12:30. Also on the itinerary is a tour of the Louis-Dupic park, story-telling and a shared ‘apéritif’ at 6:30pm.

A More Inclusive Festival Than Ever Before

Fêtes Escales is for all the family, no matter who you are or your budget (it’s completely free of charge!). This year, there will be a vibrating floorboard, to allow those who are deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy the music.

To get to the festival you can take the tram T4 to Marcel-Houël / Hôtel de Ville, metro line D to Gare de Vénissieux, or bus C12 to Marcel-Houël / Hôtel de Ville.


The festival has no entry fee.