Party with Your Family at Guillotière’s Street Party

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Meet with Family and Friends in Guillotière in June and July 2019

La Guill’en fêtes – Guillotière’s take on an American street party – hits the streets of Guillotière on 25th June 2019, 2nd July 2019 and 7th July 2019.

La Guill’en fêtes takes place on 25th June, 2nd July and 7th July 2019. ©Photo taken from La Guill’ en fêtes page on

La Guill’en fêtes’ 16th Edition

The festival La Guill’en fêtes is a much-loved event organised by the residents of Lyon’s coolest and most modern arrondissement, Guillotière. Guillotière is the district that hosts the annual Chinese New Year celebrations at the start of the year, which is known for its colourful parades. This community spirit is brought back again for La Guill’en fêtes – the summer, community-based festival.

©Photo taken from La Guill’ en fêtes page on

The 16th edition of the festival takes place at three different Guillotière squares. It comes to Place Guichard on 25th June, then Place Bahadourian on 2nd July, and finally Place Voltaire on 7th July. The festival runs from 4:30pm-midnight on each of the dates. Take your pick of location and date and bring the whole family down to Lyon’s 3rd district!

Lots to Do

From family-friendly shows, to a shared meal for the whole neighbourhood, to concerts, dances, and shows in the street – there’s something for all the family at La Guill’ en fêtes.

The whole neighbourhood comes together to share in convivial moments of enjoyment, facilitated by its 200 organisers.

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There is no entry cost for the festival.

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