Learn New Dances This Summer in Lyon

Published: 2019/07/05

Participate in Dance Initiations This Summer

From samba and tango to the lindy hop and swing, there’s plenty of dance initiations to choose from this July and August 2019.

Dance Initiations All Summer Long

Across the months of July and August 2019, initiations into a variety of genres of dance are taking place in Lyon. Part of the ‘Fêtons l’éte’ project organised by Lyon’s council, the initiations give you the chance to try out dances you may not be familiar with. 

Tango de Soir in Lyon © Ville de Lyon

The good news is that there’s plenty of dates for each initiation. So even if you’re not in Lyon for all of summer, you still have the chance to participate! What’s even better is that the initiations take place outside. After all, there’s no fun in being stuck inside when it’s sunny outside. Oh, and, the initiations are free

A Jam-Packed Timetable

Here’s a list of the initiations you can get involved with this summer!

  1. Vamos Dançar Samba
    On 8th July, 19th August, and 26th August head town to Roquette Park in Lyon 9 for a samba initiation. Suitable for youngsters and adults, the samba de carnaval initiations take place at 5pm for children and 6pm for adults for samba de carnaval, and the samba de Gafieira initiations Ararat at 7pm. The initiations are followed by dance shows and a ball at 8:30pm.
  2. Initiation Lindy Hop et Bal Swing
    Straight from 1930’s Harlem, the Lindy hop is an iconic dance of American 20th century. With a massive 13 dates across summer in various locations, the Lindy hop initiations allow you to unleash your inner swing dancer before going to the ball!
  3. I Love Tango!
    As in previous years, TNT Lyon is offering Argentinian tango initiations at Place Ambroise Courtois in Lyon 8 throughout July and August. The initiations are followed, naturally, by a tango ball. Join professional tango dancers on 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th July or 1st and 28th August from 7pm to learn a new skill and have some fun!
  4. Salsa Cubaine à Gailleton
    The association Equator Culture are making ‘Salsa Tuesdays’ a thing this July. Every Tuesday in July along with 6th and 27th August, the salsa initiations take place from 8pm-10:30pm at Place Gailleton in Lyon 2. The initiations focus on Cuban salsa and its derivatives such as bachata, merengue, cumbia and cha-cha-chá. The initiations are also followed by a ball.
  5. Fest Breizh danses
    Transport yourself to Brittany this summer by taking part in the Brittany dance festival. You’ll be invited to join the dancing, which of course will be explained for beginners, with the backdrop of traditional music and instruments. The dates are as follows: 30th June at Parc des berges du Rhône in Lyon 7, 4th July at Place Sainte-Anne in Lyon 3, 10th July at Place Maréchal Lyautey, and 28th August at Parc des berges du Rhône. The initiations take place from 8pm-10pm, other than the first which is at 2pm-6pm.

More informations

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