Discover the Masterpieces of David Lynch at the Institut Lumière: Schedules and Ticketing

Published: 2023/09/05
In the world of cinema, few names evoke a journey through the surreal, the mysterious, and the utterly captivating as that of David Lynch. From the dark corners of industrial landscapes to the enigmatic depths of the human psyche, Lynch’s films have carved a unique niche in the annals of film history.
This autumn, the Institut Lumière de Lyon invites you to embark on a mesmerizing journey, delving deep into the mind of a filmmaker who has continually pushed the boundaries of narrative artistry.

David Lynch movies at Institut Lumiere, Lyon France


The Unforgettable Creations of David Lynch at Institut Lumière

David Lynch’s cinematic journey is a testament to the power of storytelling, a journey that transcends the boundaries of reality and takes us into the depths of the human psyche.
His works are a celebration of the mysterious, the dreamlike, and the surreal, offering viewers a chance to explore worlds that exist just beyond the reach of our understanding.
All films will be screened in their original version with French subtitles.
Embark on this mesmerizing journey through Lynch’s universe with the following screenings:

Eraserhead: A Kafkaesque Nightmare

In 1977, Lynch introduced the world to “Eraserhead,” a film that stunned American audiences with its sheer strangeness and became a legendary midnight movie.
Set in an industrial cityscape, it tells the story of a man isolated and left to care for his premature child, a creature of peculiar appearance.
This black and white masterpiece, with a duration of 1h29, is a journey into the surreal, a trip unlike any other, and a favorite of Stanley Kubrick.

Release Year: 1977
Duration: 1h29
Type: Black & White


Elephant Man: A Heart-Wrenching Tale

In “Elephant Man” (1980), Lynch takes us to Victorian England, where John Merrick, known as the Elephant Man due to his facial deformity, is displayed as a freak show attraction.
His life takes a turn when he meets a compassionate surgeon.
This black and white film, lasting 2h04, is a poignant exploration of humanity and the terrifying industrial symphony of the modern world.

Release Year: 1980
Duration: 2h04
Type: Black & White


Dune: A Sci-Fi Epic Waiting for Reevaluation

Dune (1984), a color film with a duration of 2h17, transports viewers to a distant future where the Atreides dynasty is overthrown by the mighty Harkonnen family on the desert planet Arrakis.
The young Paul Atreides, with supernatural abilities, leads a rebellion in a land rich in a valuable spice.
Despite its initial commercial failure, this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s cult novel is a poetic pre-digital sci-fi epic that deserves reevaluation.

Release Year: 1984
Duration: 2h17
Type: Color


Blue Velvet: Unveiling the Darkness Beneath

In “Blue Velvet” (1986), Lynch unveils the dark and dangerous world lurking beneath a peaceful hometown.
After discovering a human ear in his garden, a young man is drawn into a sinister underworld.
This color film, with a yet-to-be-confirmed duration, is a macabre distortion of classic film noir, revealing the horror beneath apparent normality.

Release Year: 1986
Duration: N/A
Type: Color


Join us in this exploration of the “Lynchian” universe, where dreams and nightmares intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of imagery and narrative. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the genius of David Lynch on the big screen!


David Lynch: From Painter to Visionary Filmmaker

David Lynch, initially aspiring to be a painter, embarked on a transformative journey from canvas to screen, crafting a distinctive narrative style that transcends the boundaries of reality.
Born in 1946, he first ventured into animation before delving into the creation of films that mirror the vibrant and complex inner landscapes depicted in his paintings.
Between 1977 and 2006, Lynch produced ten feature films, establishing a “Lynchian” genre characterized by its surreal, dreamlike, and sometimes nightmarish elements. His early career saw a fusion of classical narratives with his unique artistic vision, a blend that reached its zenith with the iconic TV series “Twin Peaks” in the early 1990s.
As the film industry gravitated towards standardization, Lynch pursued unconventional narratives, securing funding from diverse sources to craft works that defy categorization.
Though he has stepped back from filmmaking, his profound influence persists, with his mesmerizing and eerie universes continuing to fascinate and inspire.