This Is Lyon's team

Who’s crafting is a website about Lyon and everything worth knowing about the city.
“This is Lyon” is a project put in place by a team of independent professionals experienced in media communication and the web.


The team

Frédéric Crouzet – Founder. CCO, chief content officer

“Lyon based journalist for the last 20 years I have previously worked with numerous publications (Lyon Capitale, Le Progrès, Le Parisien, WebCity, Milan Presse) and managed several editorial teams (20 Minutes Lyon, Figaro Magazine Régions). I currently specialise in the editorial direction for media companies, businesses and non-profit organisations. I have traveled, studied and worked in several different countries and a few years ago I started thinking about the idea of a local news and information guide for Lyon, written entirely in English to serve both visitors to the area and the local English speaking community. Thanks to the rest of the team this idea has now come to fruition”.

Sylvain de Campou – Founder, CMO, chief marketing officer

“I’ve been making a living thanks to the internet since 2000 as a freelance Emarketing consultant in Lyon with a strong focus on search engine optimisation (SEO). I currently work with numerous businesses of all sizes and I also created the professional digital marketing program at the EM Lyon Business School. My work for “This is Lyon” involves maximising the volume of visitors to the site, such that “This is Lyon” becomes the “number one” internet media for English speakers with a desire to discover or indeed relocate to Lyon”.


This Is Lyon's teal

From left to right, Maïté, Katie, Fred, Sylvain, Fred, Benoît and Gaël.

Gaël de Haas – Founder, CTO, chef technical office

“Technical director and business partner in the Fredel Family agency, I have been coordinating and developing websites since 1998. Web developer, project manager, integrator, technical director or consultant, I take great pleasure in working with technology to satisfy the needs of my clients. (Publicis, DDB, Renault Trucks, Voosloh, IRI, Fermes d’avenir, Aventure et Volcans…) The collaborative spirit of This is Lyon mirrors the philosophy of the Fredel Family”.

Benoit Lemonde – Founder, CEO, chief experience officer

“Working in the digital domain since 1998 in the roles of project manager, production manager and member of the executive board, my work involves assisting Lyon based businesses with their digital strategies. “This is Lyon” is an ideally placed project that satisfies a clear demand for this type of information. The desire also is that in addition to articles covering popular tourist attractions, the site will allow visitors to become actively involved and share their own impressions of Lyon. The team’s diversity makes all this possible”.



Supa Native English Speakers

Simon Widdowson – Staff Writer and Translator

“British writer and translator based in Lyon since 2007, I enjoy the communication of ideas and information across cultures and languages. An international performing songwriter, my life’s work has always revolved around communication and I work with several Lyon studios on the translation and adaptation of scripts for film subtitles, tourist guides, documentary voiceovers, museum guides and advertising (Miroslav Pilon, Audio Pigment, Audiovisit) It’s a great pleasure for me to work with the “This is Lyon” team and help share this impressive city’s qualities with the greater international community”.

Katie Lodge – Staff Writer and Translator

From EM Lyon and Sciences Po, to funky start-ups and old ladies, I teach all sorts to speak the language of Shakespeare. I also translate documents to sell stuff, and write whimsical articles about life out here. Lyon is a beautiful place, quirky even, small wonder I said yes when the This is Lyon team came knocking.


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