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Why contribute to This is Lyon?

The principal aim of This is Lyon is to provide a guide for the English speaking community to better take advantage of all the cool things the city has to offer. By sharing your ideas and tips about your favourite places to go or an interesting event taking place you’ll be helping the whole community discover and better appreciate “Your Lyon”. At the same time you yourself will likely discover things you had not yet been aware of. So lets get out the picture postcards and reveal the real face of Lyon: your likes or dislikes or frustrations with french habits? Perhaps a nice cafe or a restaurant with an English menu? a good babysitter or locksmith who speaks English? Tell us all and you can contribute your stories as often as you wish in the form of a blog. Become a contributor!


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This is Lyon provides an opportunity for you to be part of a large English speaking community website. It’s a great way to get exposure for yourself and the stories or blogs you wish to write while at the same time boosting your social networking and internet presence.


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After writing and submitting your story or commentary our editorial team will review it and decide if it can be included on the website. We won’t change it but perhaps we’ll get in touch with you. Please don’t submit articles containing anything insulting or inappropriate. We would love to read something with your vision, humour or surprise.