Top Things To Do in Lyon in January 2020

Race down the Rhône in full costume, take a ride in Lyon’s famous Grand Roue while munching on a King Cake, Explore new entertaining, introspective, historical and hysterical museum exhibitions, and rock out to one of the worlds best progressive metal bands. This and more to come this January, as we welcome in the 2020s in proper eclectic fashion in Lyon.


Eat at the New & Unique Tour Rose food court

When thinking of Vieux Lyon, few other places are such staple trademarks of the quarter’s La Tour Rose. Ludovic and Tabata Mey, cooking couple from Les Apothicaires, decided to create a proper meeting ground and creative eating space for some of the best in cuisine in the city, the Food Traboule. Set to have eight total counter-type food areas scattered throughout the four levels of La Tour Rose, including a cafe, cocktail bar, and private dining space.

When: Opens 15 of January, 2020.
Where: 22 rue du Bœuf 69005 Lyon
Price: Various depending on restaurant. 


Swim the Rhône with Thalassa Diving Club’s “Traversée à la nage palme”

In close to the same spirit as the Beaujolais Marathon, the Thalassa Diving Club will organize a competitive water race down the Rhône where costumes and disguises are part of the fun. The 40th crossing of the Rhône is a pure race down from Pont Raymond Poincaré (near Cité Internationale de Lyon) to the tip of Lyon’s confluence near Gerland International City School, in full wet suits and flippers. Sign up on the official website is mandatory.

When: 19th of January
Where: Begins at Pond Poincaré
Price: 25€


Visit the Expositon Drapé at Musee des Beaux Arts

Inspired by the works of Albrecht Dürer, Nicolas Poussin, Gustave Moreau, and Jean Dominique Ingres, Le Musee des Beaux-Arts will put on an exposition in appreciation of drapery in art. From past to present, Drawing is at the core of this particular exhibit while being confronted with other examples in sculpture and painting.

When: Until March 8th, 2020.
Where: Musée des Beaux Arts

  • 12€ (Normal ticket)
  • 7€ (Reduced)
  • Free (Under 18)


Rediscover the History of Lyon at Musee d’Histoire de Lyon

The history of Lyon in one enthralling, deeply engaging, and colorful exhibition at the Musee d’Histoire de Lyon. Mixing geographical and historical data, collector’s items, or symbolic objects with displays & animated films, seeking together to inform tourists and locals alike the essential information on the capital of the Gauls.

When: Until 2021
Where: Musee d’Histoire de Lyon, Lyon 5e. 

  • 8 € (Normal Ticket)
  • 6 € (Reduced)
  • Free (Under 18)


Taste a Galette des Rois during Epiphany

Better known to many expats as simply « king cake. », it is necessary eating on Epiphany each year. The cake generally composed of puff pastry, stuffed frangipane, a creamy almond pastry. Remember not to eat the lucky charm lodged within the cake. Sold in bakeries throughout Lyon, suggested locals include Sève, Délices des Sens and Partisan Boulanger.

Lyon "Galette des rois"

“They don’t call it a Galette des Reines, do they?”

When: Around Epiphany (January 6th)
Where: Bakeries in Lyon
Price: No more than 10 €


Prepare for the future at Salon de l’Étudiant

In conjunction with l’Académie de Lyon, the 33rd Lyon Student Fair returns once more to the Euroexpo. An excellent way to start the new year & decade off for young students and eager minds alike is to meet with guidance experts and councilors at the Salon to discuss career paths, as well as attend trainings and conferences about different professions and areas of study.

When: 10th-12th of January, 9h-17h
Where: Eurexpo, near Bron
Price: Free


Explore Part-Dieu’s 800 years of history

If the history of Lyon exhibit is too broad for you, there is always the opportunity for a more specific history. In this case, the 800 years of Part Dieu now open at Archives départementales et métropolitaines.

Even we weren’t aware that the area of Part-Dieu has enough history, stretching from now to the middle ages, to fill an entire exhibition, allowing the people of the neighborhood a one of a kind opportunity to visit and learn about their district’s history.

When: Until February 14th, 2020. 
Where: Archives départementales et métropolitaines
Price: 9 €


Laugh and puzzle of Plonk et Replonk’s exhibit at Musee des Confluence

January of 2020 is set to be the month of Museum exhibits. The ones already mentioned form a great contrast between the distinctive and banal. No better description exists for Plonk and Replonk that just those descriptors. Named L’univers à l’envers « the universe upside down,» expect a mix of comedy and quirk themed around scientific discovery of the universe.

When: Until January 11th, 2020. 
Where: Musee des Confluence

  • 9 € (Normal Adult)
  • 6 € (Normal Adult from 17h till Close)
  • 6 € (Reduced Adult)
  • 5 € (18-25)
  • Free (Student and Under 18)


Relive Dream Theater’s magnum opus in concert

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Metropolis Pt.2 Scenes From A Memory, American progressive metal royalty Dream Theater plan to perform this legendary album in their 2019/2020 Europe tour, which is set to come through Lyon. Described by some as «god’s own apologize for bad concept albums ,» this spectacle is a must-see this coming January and require viewing for the year.

When: January 27th
Where: Halle Tony Garnier
Price: Between 72.90 € & 78.40 €