Wondering what to do with your kids in Lyon?

Whether you’re visiting or living in Lyon with kids, don’t worry about finding fun things for them to do. Lyon has a wide array of engaging, educational, and downright fun activities for kids of all ages, all around the city! Take them to the zoo at the Parc de la Tête d’Or, visit the Musée des Confluences, or head to the planetarium. The kids won’t be disappointed!


Explore the Parc de la Tête d’Or

If you’re looking to pack your day with multiple activities for your kids to do, consider taking a trip to the Parc de la Tête d’Or. While parents might want to take a stroll through the park’s beautiful rose gardens, greenhouse and botanical gardens, kids might not find that as much fun.

What to do with kids in Lyon : Parc de la Tête d'or

Parc de la Tête d’Or, Lyon’s most famous park. @ Muriel Chaulet

Fortunately, the Parc de la Tête d’Or has loads of things for kids to enjoy. They have pony rides, a miniature train, boat tours on the lake, and best of all, a zoo! The zoo is home to 400 different animals, divided into 64 different species. Zebras, giraffes, pink flamingos, they’ve got it all!

Brotteaux, 6th arrondissement, 69006 Lyon


Visit the Musée des Confluences

Considering something more educational and suitable for older children? Take the kids to the Musée des Confluences. Located at the southern tip of the Presqu’île, the Musée des Confluences tells the history of life itself.

What to do with kids in Lyon : musée des Confluences

Lyon’s most popular museum: le musée des Confluences

This museum prompts its visitors into pondering the beginnings of the universe, as it shows us the progression of cultures, civilizations, and animal species. Exhibits in the museum also delve into the human brain, how we operate as humans, and how we create.

86 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon


Experience the Musée des Automates Vieux Lyon

 The Automatic Puppets museum in Lyon is a great place to take children. With a collection of over 250 automata, puppets are set up to display various themes representing scenes from everyday life, the history of Lyon, folk tales, and other French works.

Visits are free and treasure hunts are offered to children and adapted according to their age (from 3-12 years old).

If the kids want a more interactive experience, the Musée des Automates also offers guided tours of the museum for families, each tour also including a workshop for the children. These tours are by reservation only and occur on certain Wednesdays throughout the year (see their schedule here). At the end of the visit, children will have completed a workshop and have made their very own puppet!

100 Rue Saint-Georges, 69005 Lyon

Swing from Tree to Tree at France Aventures Lyon Fourvière

France Aventures Lyon Fourvière, an outdoor leisure park five minutes from from the Presqu’île, is sure to expend all of your kids’ energy. The park features 7 acrobatic treetop courses, as well as environmental quizzes to raise awareness among children in the form of an interactive rally.

They have a variety of courses to meet the needs of children of all heights and ages. Where they might have easier, introductory courses for children aged 2-3, they also have exhilarating ziplines and sports courses for older children and adults.

100 Rue Saint-Georges, 69005 Lyon, France

kids in Lyon

Kids visiiting Croix-Rousse slopes in Lyon

Admire Aquatic Animals at Aquarium de Lyon

Parents can never go wrong with a trip to the aquarium. Taking your kids to the Aquarium de Lyon in the La Mulatière district is another great opportunity for an educational experience.

They have over 5,000 fish and other aquatic animals on display, as well as a shark tank that houses nurse sharks, black tip sharks and leopard sharks. The aquarium also has a small area for kids to pet starfish, sea cucumbers, and other friendly sea life. You and the kids can definitely spend a few hours here, especially given the small restaurant and gift shop on site.

7 Rue Stéphane Déchant, 69350 La Mulatière


Go to the Musée Miniatures et Cinéma

Hoping to really spark your kids’ interest? The Musée Miniatures et Cinéma houses two permanent collections: one devoted to miniature art and the other to special effects techniques used in cinema.

What to do with kids in Lyon : Musée de la Miniature et du Cinéma

@ Musée de la Miniature et du Cinéma

Admire the expertise required to craft down-scaled pieces of school rooms, fully furnished dining rooms, tiny food, and micro-origami.

They also have 12 rooms dedicated to special effects, some with original materials and parts from films like Alien, Mars Attack!, and Gremlins. Masks, prostheses, animatronics, miniature vehicles and decorations, stop motion, 3D animation, costumes, there’s plenty for kids to admire at the Musée Miniatures et Cinéma.

60 Rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon



Take a Trip to Mini World Lyon

 Mini World Lyon is one of the largest parks of its kind. This indoor, animated, miniature-style park consists of 4 worlds: city, mountain, the countryside, and Mini Lyon. They can provide an immersive experience for both you and your kids at 1/87 scale! 30,000 characters, 4,000 animals, and 300 animations will surely keep the kids occupied and entertained.

Mini World Lyon also has a 3D cinema and a restaurant “La Place,” on site. Transport your kids to a typical French village’s main square and immerse them in different atmospheres of the world through the park’s high definition projections.

Special light cycles of 20 minutes intervals reproduce atmospheres and colors from sunrise to sunset, thanks to the projections on the wall and dedicated spots of light.

Pôle du Carré de Soie, 3 Avenue de Bohlen, 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin


Race to the Actua Karting Track

Do your kids have a need for speed? 20km southeast of downtown Lyon, Actua Karting is one of Europe’s largest go-karting complexes. They have 5 race tracks, all approved by the French Federation of Automobile Sport, and over 200 karts available.

Additionally, there are three types of karts available for children, just keep in mind that the minimum height for children to participate is 1.3 meters. (4ft., 2in.) All sessions are supervised by professional, qualified instructors to initiate all karting in an educational way.

Chemin de Fournéa, 69720 Saint-Laurent-de-Mure

Journey Through the Galaxy at The Planetarium

Sit comfortably in the command center of the Lyon Planetarium’s “mother ship.” The planetarium’s dome screen provides a unique experience of 360° images and animation of space and the stars above. Explore the universe and let yourself be guided among the galaxies.

Overhead photo of the exhibit floor at Lyons Le Planétarium. Great with kids

Le Planétarium

There are several sessions to choose from, some sessions more equipped for kids than others. They specifically have sessions for children 20 months to 4 years old, as well as a different session for children 4 to 7 years olds. The “general public from 8 years old” sessions are said to be suitable for adult audiences. The Planetarium is located near the Town Hall of Vaulx-en-Velin.

Place de la Nation, 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin

Enjoy Delicious Ice Cream at Terre Adélice

If the kids are itching for something sweet, Lyon has tons to offer in terms of dessert and pastries. For a little extra excitement, you might want to try out Terre Adelice. Some of the flavors might surprise you. Goats’ cheese, tomato-basil, and pine-nut are on the menu, but so are flavors like gingerbread, dark chocolate, and coconut! It’s sure to be a trip for the tongue!

1 Place de la Baleine, 69005 Lyon



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