10 Reasons to Run the Beaujolais Marathon in November

Love wine and running? Check out the Beaujolais Marathon


Each year November brings us Beaujolais Nouveau, but did you know that the beautiful region of Beaujolais also hosts its own marathon that same weekend? Caroline Conner, Lyon’s anglophone sommelière and owner of Lyon Wine Tastings tells us the top ten reasons to sign up now.

1 – A Charming region close to Lyon

Beaujolais is perfect wine country, beautiful rolling hills, charming villages, and vines everywhere.

2- Discover some of the most beautiful castles of the Beaujolais.

Castles! So many castles. The marathon passes by ten of the most beautiful castles in Beaujolais.

International Beaujolais Marathon near Lyon

Get your Licra and run. © Cedric Guetty

3- A marathon where you can drink wine

And of course, plenty of wine. There are at least 15 different places to stop and taste some wine along the route of the International Beaujolais Marathon.

4- Local food along the route

It’s not just wine, you can expect plenty of delicious French food along the route. Think cheese and charcuterie.

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5 – Welcoming locals

Beaujolais is friendly wine country, there’s no snobbery here and the locals are kind and welcoming.

International Beaujolais Marathon in the vineyards

Running in the Beaujolais vineyards © Cedric Guetty

6- Celebrate the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau

The race takes place during the release of Beaujolais Nouveau, which is a big deal in Lyon and the region.

7 – A very fun Marathon

It’s France’s biggest festive running event.

8 – Crazy costumes

50% of participants dress up, we’re talking crazy costumes of all types!

9 – Having fun

This is an atmosphere of celebration, let’s be honest, it’s not really about running, it’s about having fun!

wine international beaujolais marathon

You can run and drink Beaujolais. © Denis Laveur

10 – A race for everyone

If the full marathon is a little too much for you, there’s also a relay marathon, half marathon, family marathon (kid friendly!) or the 13km Rhône walk. Discover all the routes here.

Bonus: It’s seriously close to Lyon and easy to get to. Less than an hour by car!