Le Sucre

Contemporary Performing Arts in Lyon’s Confluence District

An exciting cultural hotbed of cocktail hours, conferences, techno club concerts and other cultural happenings on the roof of La Sucrière.


Located in the Confluence district at the southern tip of Lyon’s Presqu’ile, La Sucrière, an integral part of Lyons modern art scene has a beautiful rooftop terrace and electro-dance club called Le Sucre, offering a diverse menu of tasty cultural activities in a wonderful setting on the banks of the Saone amidst the areas growing modern and stylish architecture.

La Sucrière and its roof top terrace Le Sucre. Gaetan Clement


The Sweet Combination of Art and Music

An old sugar factory dating back to the 1930s, La Sucrière played host to the first incarnations of Lyons electronic music festival Les Nuits Sonores before becoming the principle location for Lyons Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Now their blissful rooftop space created in 2014, run by the team Arty Farty (Nuits Sonores), continues the creative streak by mixing music, art and business with their multidisciplinary program which welcomes all forms of contemporary, creative and innovative culture.

There are workshops, media presentations and music all designed to inspire and promote the sharing of new ideas while having a drink on a lovely rooftop terrace.

Rooftop Culture

Every friday evening until 10:30pm their relaxed, drinks on the rooftop location becomes a welcoming platform for various collectives, brands and organisers of various cultural projects.

Le Sucre roff top terrace. Gaetan Clement

Every week has a different guest and whether it’s testing a new synthesiser or celebrating the 10th anniversary of a distinguished Lyon hairdresser you’ll always find something interesting to feed your imagination as you sip a martini under the setting sun.


The Cream of European Clubland

Aldo Paredes

Le Sucre is Lyons premier electro-dance club with a solid national and international reputation hosting live music every weekend from the contemporary electronic world featuring DJ’s and techno artists such as the UK’s Jay Clark, German Dasha Rush or even the “Shake Your Classics” series held in conjunction with the Auditorium of the National Orchestra of Lyon for an evening combining classical music with some of the newest contemporary sounds.



Le Sucre is Lyons hottest place for electro, techno, house and club DJs and artists with some top international names performing regularly so if that’s your thing then this is your place!


Admission to the rooftop terrace is free. Admission to the club for the music is usually between €10 and €20 with a discounted early bird price if you arrive before 6pm.


Phone: 0771 81 07 46

Website: Le Sucre

More informations

Le Sucre is open Fridays from 6:30pm to 5:00am, Saturdays 11pm to 5:00am and Sundays 4pm to 11pm

How to get there?

You can easily get there using Bus S1 or Tram T1 or even by boat using the Vaporetto Navette which navigates the Saone stopping at various points between Vaise and The Confluence Museum.

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