Our best restaurants and bars to go during Lyon's Festival of Lights

While in Lyon try a “bouchon” or some local wines


Lyon is known as a gastronomical capital, so why not take advantage of the best food and drink Lyon has to offer when visiting its Festival of Lights? Here are our top tips.


Get some wine

Lyon is the ideal place for finding excellent wines at great prices. Following the release of the beaujolais nouveau in mid-November, there is no better time to head to one of Lyon’s wine bars, for a glass, pot (carafe), or even a bottle of wine.

Wine in Lyon

Local wines at the Croix-Rousse market.

Also be sure to try a glass of Coteaux du Lyonnais – Lyon’s very own wine! Bars will be busy, so if you find yourself unable to move in the bars around the Presqu’île, try heading out to other districts, such as the 7th.

If you’re worried about getting cold during the Fête des Lumières, there is one solution all Lyonnaise turn to: mulled wine. There will be lots of vendors out and about, selling it for just two or three euros!

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Head to a bouchon

Bouchons are the foundation of Lyonnaise food: rich in flavour (and cream and calories), the food will certainly provide you with the energy you need before the long walk visiting light displays.

Bouchon in Lyon

Typical table in a bouchon in Lyon

Don’t be put off by some of the ingredients- bouchon chefs are big fan of offal- as not only are these dishes delicious, plenty of bouchons also offer meats such as chicken and beef. If you want an authentic experience, without eating pigs trotters, opt for Comptoir Abel.

Bouchons still are not the most vegetarian-friendly, however, so that’s worth baring in mind!

If you have a particular bouchon you want to go to, it’s worth booking to avoid disappointment.

Eat at a brasserie

If you’re looking for food a little bit closer to British or American food, whilst still maintaining a traditional French twist, then brasseries are the best option for you.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a glass of wine and delicious food before going out to see the displays.

Find some vegetarian food

Two vegetarian recommendations: first, Hank Burger in the Hôtel de Ville region- it’s affordable, delicious and fully vegan.

Second, if you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket, then try Culina Hortus in Lyon 1. It specialises in vegetarian fine dining.

Grab some street food

During the Fête des Lumières, there will be vendors selling everything from onion soup to kebabs, hot dogs or waffles, all at reasonable prices.

Lyon food

Street food at the Fete des Lumières in Lyon

We recommand:

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