Daytime plans for the Fête des Lumières 2018


How to spend daytimes during Lyon’s Festival of Lights 2018

Your nights in Lyon may be jam-packed during the Fête des Lumières, but don’t forget that there’s also plenty to do during the day! Here are our top suggestions. 


Museums and Galleries

Lyon has a rich history and consequently the city is full of renowned museums and art galleries. Popular museums include the Confluences Museum, the Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilisation, and the Museum of Resistance.


Natural history museum of Lyon

Musée des Confluences © Dierk Schaefer

One exhibition recommendation is ‘Yokainoshima: Spirits of Japan’ at the Confluences Museum. The exhibition combines the photos of the French photographer Fréger with the museum’s wider Japanese collection to examine Japanese belief systems from their foundations to their manifestations in today’s world.

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Special art exhibitions that are worth checking out include the showcase of Bernar Venet’s art at the Musée d’art contemporain (Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon), the exhibition on Buffet’s works at the Jean Couty Museum, and the exhibition on art and peace at the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Christmas Market

Check out Lyon’s Christmas market, which is held at Place Carnot near Perrache train station. Here you can find artisan crafts, as well as mulled wine and seasonal treats such as spiced bread and roasted chestnuts.

Or if you fancy a less mainstream market, you could always take the metro up to Croix-Rousse and visit its Christmas market. It has many of the usual Christmas market stalls, and also gives visitors the chance to go ice skating.

Bellecour’s Big Wheel

Lyon's big wheel during a previous edition of the Festival of Lights

Lyon’s big wheel during a previous edition of the Festival of Lights

Why not take a ride on Bellecour’s big wheel? You get wonderful views: you can see as far as Fourvière and the slopes of the Croix-Rousse district, and even the city’s peninsula.

Music events

There is a big music scene in Lyon which is worth checking it out.

There are plenty of clubs and bars, all of which will be busy and have a great atmosphere during the Fête des Lumières.

One such bar is the ‘Rock n Eat’ bar, who are hosting three heavy metal bands on 8th December from 8pm, in case you want to escape the crowds and lights for an evening! Entry is free too, so if you’re a heavy metal fan- why not!

For the hardcore clubbers, why not check out COMAH at Le Petit Salon Club at 11:30pm-6:30am on the night of December 7th.

If clubbing isn’t for you, you could go see the James Bond Symphony. From 6th-8th December, The National Orchestra of Lyon will perform the music of James Bond at the Lyon Auditorium.


Events during the Festival of Lights

shishi no kaisha charles freger at musee des confleunces in lyon

Discover Yokainoshima: Spirits of Japan at Musée des Confluences

Japanese spirituality from the beginning to now.

NYC Comedian Performing a Special English Comedy Show for the Fête des Lumières

Melanie Hamlett plays on the stage of the Complexe du Rire in Lyon.

Local Wine Tastings in English during Lyon Festival of Lights

Wines of Lyon English Language Wine Tasting in the Croix-Rousse

The music of James Bond comes to Lyon’s Auditorium

During the Fête des Lumières, Lyon’s Auditorium will put on a James Bond Symphony, showcasing the franchise’s most popular songs.

Bernar Venet’s works come to Lyon’s Musée d’art contemporain

The exposition, named ‘Rétrospective’ is featuring over 170 of Venet’s works, tracing his art from 1959 all the way up until the present day

Da Vinci’s inventions come to life in Lyon

From September 13th 2018 to January, La Sucrière in Lyon hosts an international exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci.

Lyon’s Musée des Beaux-Arts has a new exhibition- Art, the way of peace

Lyon’s Fine Art Museum has a new exhibition on the link between art and peace.

Bernard Buffet exhibition at Lyon's Jean Couty Museum

Bernard Buffet’s works make an appearance at Lyon’s Jean Couty Museum

Lyon’s Jean Couty Museum will showcase some of Bernard Buffet’s artworks, a fellow 20th century artist from the branch of figurative French painting.

Hugo Pratt exhibition: Corto Maltese

Hugo Pratt’s Imaginary World Comes to Life at the Musée des Confluences

Fact meets fiction in audio, video, animation, and art.

Lyon’s Christmas Market comes to Place Carnot

Lyon’s Christmas Market will take place at Place Carnot from 24th November until 24th December.

Champions League Rugby: Lyon’s LOU face the Glasgow Warriors

Lyon’s LOU rugby take on the Glasgow Warriors on 8th December.

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