Vieux-Lyon to Bellecour: Fête des Lumières 2019

From an array of Student exhibits near College Jean Moulin, down the steps of Fourvière to the visage of Saint Jean, across the Pont Bonaparte with its giant Colossus at the waterline of the bridge, and finally wander into the Garden of Light at Bellecour. This is our walking guide for Vieux lyon and Bellecour for the Fête des Lumières. 

Jardin André Malraux to Saint Jean

Student Art Installation for Fête des Lumèries

Experimenations etudiantes © Frederic Guignard-Perret

Begin up at Jardin André Malraux, directly next to Place des Minimus and Théâtres Romains funicular stop, where in you will find the celebrated « Expérimentations étudiantes.». These 19 selected will be in the Garden André Malraux. Once finished, take the funicular back to Vieux lyon or walk down Rue des Farges and a left on Rue Tramassac. Follow it down until Saint-Jean comes into view.


Saint-Jean to Pont Bonaparte

Face of Saint Jean during fete des lumieres

Face of St Jean © THÉRIZ Studio.

Once at Saint-Jean, from its southern most edge of the Place de Saint Jean, you should be able to see Pont Bonaparte where Louxor Spectacle & Vincent Loubert have set up their « Colossus » instillation. And likewise, once on the bridge itself, Bellecour is within eyeshot to the east.

Pont Bonaparte to Bellecour

Pont Bonaparte with Colosses at the pillers.

Colosses © Louxor Spectacle / Vincent Loubert

After crossing the bridge, Bellecour’s expansive nature-themed installation is laid out in full view, stretching near cross the whole of the Place. Enjoy 500 lighted cattails (or « pampas.») and large florescent kits. Fully transforming the Place into a garden of light.

Place Bellecour

Displays in Place Bellecour Fete du lumiere

Place Bellecour. ©TILT & Porté par le Vent

After arriving in Bellecour, You would then be in near dead center in the Fête des Lumières and would have the entire festival to choose where to go next from.