The Lowdown on June 2019 in Lyon

IT’S SUMMER… Here in Lyon that means getting outdoors – going to the Rhône swimming pool, taking a trip to the Beaujolais, or heading to the Parc Tête d’Or… But there’s also plenty of events happening!

Sports and festivals

Lyon will be hosting an international tennis tournament on between June 10th and June 2016 – what says summer more than watching tennis, after all, Wimbledon is in summer…

Or why not go to a festival, such as the music and art festival, Urban Art Jungle Festival (14th-16th June).

There’s plenty of fun things to do. You can even watch people fly down a ramp into a river on their own homemade vehicles. We’re not kidding. That’s what happens at the Red Bull Jour d’Envol on 30th June.

Business to important cause

June is also the time to sort out the more serious side of your life here in Lyon. Head down to the Salon des Entrepeneurs on 12th-13th June to get help making your business a success from industry experts.

Likewise, if you want to support an important cause this summer go to the first International Housing Festival from 4th-8th June and find out about the work being done to promote housing equality whilst reducing environmental impact, along with discovering the problems still faced.

Check out the highlights in Lyon this June 2019