February 2019 - A Month of Festivals and Fun Here in Lyon

There’s something for everyone in Lyon this February 2019: from green and vegan festivals to Hip-Hop Music. Get out of bed and go explore Lyon!.


We know it’s cold outside, and we still haven’t had proper snow, but don’t let winter get you down. There’s plenty going on in Lyon this month. February is a month of festivals.
If you’re into tattooing, there’s a festival for that, if you’re trying to go vegan, there’s a festival for that, if you like cosplay, there’s a festival for that… You get the idea.

Chinese New Year parade in Lyon Guillotière. © Marie Perrin

New Year’s Eve wasn’t enough for you? No worries, it’s Chinese New Year on 5th February 2019! Head down to Guillotière for the annual parade of colourful dragons and music, with street food.
The parade itself will start at 3:30pm on Sunday 10th February 2019 from Rue Passet, in Lyon 7. But aside from the parade, there will be food on offer, as well as martial arts demonstrations and dances.
Another big event in February, for lovers everywhere, is Valentine’s Day. Lyon’s orchestra is ready to bring romance to your Valentine’s night, playing some of classical music’s most passionate pieces.

What to do in February 2019 in Lyon