Cool Things to Do in Lyon in July and August 2018


Summer in Lyon can be a bit of an odd time. July brings sticky days, long nights, and tourists while August brings trips to the beach and the mountains, leaving the city feeling a bit like a ghost town.

A lot of stores and restaurants start to close for summer holidays, and life generally slows to a lazy crawl. But there’s no reason that has to be boring! Here at This is Lyon we’ve been busy compiling tons of things to do to keep you going all summer long, even when everyone deserts in August.

From one-off fireworks and bike rides to the summer-long “Fêtons l’été” (events every day of the summer! Say what?!) Lyon still offers plenty of ways to fill those long summer afternoons. Learn to rollerblade, dance to the music of hundreds of free concerts, or test out some new swimming spots when the sun’s really beating down.

We’ll see you out there!


This is Lyon's Top Summer Picks

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