Lots to do in Lyon in January

Got those post-Christmas blues? Fear not, there’s lots to do in Lyon in January to cheer you up.


If you’re not quite ready to abandon the partying, go to Maison M’s weeklong birthday party from 9th January until 13th January. Likewise, if you’ve not stuffed yourself from eating too much turkey, and you’re interested in the food industry, go to SIRHA and taste food from all over the world. 

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and go the gym (-haven’t we all-), then you can make sure you stick to it, in January at least, by signing up to swim down the Rhône river on 20th January

There’s nothing quite like music to perk up your January. Why not go to either the La La Land or Star Wars concert, both held at Lyon’s auditorium? In both cases, the film will be protected and the orchestra will play the soundtrack. 

What to do in January 2019 in Lyon