Ten Events You Cannot Miss in 2018 in Lyon

2018 will be very festive in Lyon with many sports events, dance parades and an extended electro music festival. Here’s a list of ten events you cannot afford to miss this year.

These events will make you come to Lyon in 2018

The Dance Biennale and Choregraphed Parade

Lyon Dance Biennal is a two-week festival with many performances held throughout the city by 40 national and foreign companies.

Corto Maltese Exhibition at the Lyon Confluences Museum

Italian comic book writer Hugo Pratt and its cartoon character Corto Maltese are at the heart of 2018 main exhibition at the Lyon Confluences museum.

London Exhibit at the Foire de Lyon

Lyon annual Fair (March 23-April 2) is the inevitable place to go to equip your home. In 2018, this event is dedicated to London and England.

Nuits Sonores music festival 2018 (May 6-13)

2018 edition of Nuits Sonores Lyon Electronic Music Festival Extended to 8 Days.

The Web Conference is Back to Lyon in 2018

Industrials, researchers, investors and developers from 60 countries will gather in Lyon in April 2018 during the Web Conference.

Europa League Final at Groupama Stadium in Lyon on May 16

Lyon hosts the Europa League final for the first time.

Rugby France Championship Semi-Finals in Lyon

Lyon hosts the two semi-finals of this year’s France Rubgy Championship on May 25-26.

Soccer: France vs US National Team at Lyon Stadium

Lyon’s Stadium will be the home of an international football game between France National team and US Men National Team on June 9.

Two International Tennis Tournament not to be missed in Lyon

Two professional tennis tournaments played on clay courts take place in Lyon in 2018.

Lyon E-Sport 2018, Electronic Sport & Videogames Festival

Lyon’s electronic sport festival is the annual event local videogame enthusiasts cannot afford to miss (Feb. 16-18).

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