25 Local Artists From Lyon You Should Listen To

The 21st of June is one of the biggest day for the French culture.  The Fete de la Musique (World Music Day) is a special evening and night when unconventional and local artists came out of the shadow performing before a large audience all around the city, in bars, streets…

To celebrate the beginning of summer, music invites itself like every year in the streets of Lyon. On June, 21, you may find big stages amongst other impromptu concerts of local artists all over the city.

The best way to live the Fête de la Musique, according to us, is to let you be carried by the current and stop when you feel a good atmosphere or hear music that sounds good.

On this occasion, This is Lyon gives you its selection of current artists from Lyon who are worth lending an ear to them. You may have the chance to see them on stage this summer in some festivals or else…


Les Décibelles

A noisy pop and angry style, that’s how this band of three girls from Lyon “Les Decibelles” characterizes themselves.  Performing on June 21 in Lyon at the Transborsdeur.


Automatic city

A well-known blues band with original sound.



The new flavour of Hip-Hop with a chill style, a leading figures of modern rap in Lyon.



Ayenash is an artist with a great sensitivity. Always accompanied by her guitar, Ayenash is performing at the Fete de la Musique at 6.30 pm, place Guichard 69003 Lyon.


L’Artisanat Furieux

An international class of saxophonists with several talented instrumentalists from the Regional Music Conservatory of Lyon. They will perform on June 21st at the Museum of Confluences at 5pm.


Lutèce is a rap duo evolving on the Lyon scene with a fresh chill style, soft voices on strong lyrics.


Big Ben

A young hip-hop artist from Lyon who already proved his worth with his mixtape “Le future est présent”.


Les Marquises

Pop and electronic music with poetic lyrics, futuristic production and classical instrumentation.



Strong language, self-mocking and a great sense of humour merge to create an engaged band really quirky but of high quality and authenticity.


Les Black Lilys

A sister and a brother, with English lyrics sung by a broken voice with a dark pop production.


Lord Ruby

Anglophone French rockers Lord Ruby, based in Lyon are led by the ace songwriter Franck Viallet. Their new album “The Secret” is a full of catchy Brit-pop melodies. Featuring ex-members of Lyon heavyweights Aston Villa, Prohom, Mok and Jigaboo, Lord Ruby is not to be missed.


Simon Widdowson

After performing several dates in the UK in 2015 Simon retreated to his studio in La Drome to record a new album. The new album “Retractable Roots” represents the sum of Simon’s influences and experiences; a life spent either on stage or in the studio and performing and recording all the instruments himself, it reflects his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and recording engineer. (New album “Retractable Roots” available now on vinyl and CD from Chez Emile Records, Sofa Records and Dangerhouse Records in Lyon).
Simon is also translator and writer for This Is Lyon.


Le Peuple de l’Herbe

The most recent release of their last album (“Stay Tuned”) is a good opportunity to remind everyone that Le Peuple de l’Herbe was born in Lyon in 1997. 20 years after, their sound universe remains very fresh and dynamic!


Lucio Bukowski

Lucio Bokowski is a key figure in Lyon rap music; his texts are overflowing with literary references, starting with his name. He’s a member of the artist collective l’Animalerie which has gathered Lyon rappers since the begining of 2000s around Oster Lapwass beatmaker.


Sheitan Brothers

This fantastic pair of diggers offers warm DJ sets full of boundless electro tunes whose influences are to be found from Asia to New York disco.


Madly Wise

These talented young artists have quickly won the heart of their audience in Lyon bars and stages with their energetic wild pop rock.
Come and support them on June, 21 in St Priest for the musical springboard of Musique en Ciel Festival.



Oriental themes, sometimes frenzy, sometimes melancholic – always tuneful.


Commandant Coustou

These five Lyon musicians draw influence from Afro-Caribbean musics. Commandant Coustou brings traditional Trinidadian calypso of the 40s-60s to life incorporating some other various influences from West Indies.
Come and discover them on the occasion of the Fête de la musique at Place Sathonay (Lyon 1st);



The pop-punk trio Avions comes back with a new album : “Loner”. Come and discover the universe of these English-speaking guys from Lyon – self-proclaimed “slackers” – which is both serious and funny, both dark and melodious, but entirely effective!
They will be at Jardin des Chartreux (Lyon 1st) for the Fête de la Musique.


Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda

When the “Prince of Raï” Sofian Saïdi meets the cosmopolitan sound-system Mazalda, it immerses us in a new energy of Maghreb electro: abundant and vibrant sounds, dancing rhythmes; and the raï of 80s feels rejuvenated.
June, 23 at Les Invites de Villeurbanne.


The Pilotwings

The Pilotwings are the unmissable duo of Lyon’s electronic stage. An off-the-wall style coming straight from the 90s whose videogame soundtracks supply their library music among other original and eclectic sounds.


Panda Dub

This Lyon DJ has built his reputation on the web and ended up becoming an international Dub star.  For those who have not yet had the chance to assist one of his crazed energetic lives, he will be touring in many European festivals this summer, on the occasion of his most recent album release: “Shapes and Shadows”.
You can see him at Festival Démons d’Or on June, 30.


Joao Selva

Joao Selva rose to fame with the trio Forro de Rebeca and then with his project “Sociedad Recreativa”. Forro made in Lyon for our Brazilian expats…



TchopDye subtly mixes electro, hip-hop and traditional Cameroonian instruments within its Afrofuturism focus. They will be at Festival de la Croix-Rousse on June, 17.


Voilaaa Sound System

A new funk project by Bruno Hovart with afro-disco overtones…


(This selection has been curated with the precious help of Cyrille Bonin from Transbordeur , Thomas Prian from Bizarre, Selector del Camping from Le Gouter, Bonnie Dupont, Dominique Bissai and Simon Widdowson)