This is the Sound of Lyon (vol. #2): the Best Music from Lyon in Video

This is Lyon compiled a dozen of Lyon-based musical bands and artists to present their most recent music and songs to you. Enjoy!


Here is the sound of Lyon, or at least a selection of artists living between the Rhône and the Saône, and their latest creations.


This playlist, elaborated with the help of precious contributors (list at the end of the article), first and foremost illustrates the range of diversity of Made in Lyon talents, of various origins, and in styles going from hip-hop to electro-rock as well as African and pop sounds.

Don’t hesitate to give us suggestions for other singers, groups, DJs, Lyonnais artists who you love.


Da Break

Soul. Da Break is Bruno Hovart’s, aka Patchworks, new “soul-hip hop” project. Hits swimming in analog synth and an American groove that sound like they’re straight out of the 90s.



Electro. Spitzer is made up of two brothers from the Croix-Rousse, who mixed in clubs before coming out with a second album halfway between new wave and electro. This new video “pays tribute to the diversity of inhabitants in our neighbourhood” says Mathieu Spitzer.


They Call me Rico

Blues-Rock. “Rico” is Frédéric Pellerin, a Quebecois bluesman who has lived in Lyon for a couple of years now. A powerful, multi-instrumentalist singer and musician.



Caribbean. French and Maloya music make up the new album by David Suissa and his musicians “Animal Savant”, inspired by their trips to the Reunion Island.


Electric Mamba

Souls-Funk. The instrumental group Electric Safari associated itself to the Central African singer Idylle Mamba to form Electric Mamba.



Hip-hop. They just won Buzz Booster Prize, we should hear about them quite a lot in the next couple of months. Kikesa come from Nancy but settled in Lyon a couple of months ago.



Electronic. Tryphème produces hybrid music made of hazy melodies and impactful rhythms. Their musical universe is a light mix of Electro, Synthwave and Shoegaze, filled with emotion and energy.



Indie-rock. It’s the first album for this geometrically variable group who started in Brussels before arriving in Lyon. Very melodious pop rock.


Public likes pills

Electro-rock. The band is composed of Delphie (lead singer and FX) and Patrick G. (Prod & Machinist). “Public Likes Pills” is a tribute to their nocturnal, punk and visual influences.



Blues/Folk. Zacharie sings intimate compositions in English and sometimes in French. His first album “Giant Bear” came out a couple of months ago.



Electro. This young Lyonnais trio, seen in the Nuits Sonores festival in 2017, are coming out with a new electronic rock album (Tarpos) this month of June. They are putting up this “Pulse” video, as a tribute to the Orlando LGBT club where a massacre happened in 2016, with the local drag queens collective Dragones.



House. The Lyonnais producer became, in the span of two albums, one of the big names of French House.


Erotic Market

R&B. Led by Rosemary Martins, Erotic Market are making their comeback in 2018 with a new album full of this futuristic R&B.



Soul-Funk. Led by the energy and the voice of the charismatic Ciara Thompson, the Buttshakers explore rhythm and blues and the warm, sultry and raw soul music that they love so much.


Alpha Petulay

World music. Accompanied by an awesome live French-Senegalese band, Alpha Pétulay sings in Swahili just as well as in Brazilian, French or English. Her new album “Right Now” is a beautiful voyage.


Bami Bassi

Hip-hop. Born in Cameroon, Bami Bassi defines himself as an Urban Gospel artist. As a member of the L2C collective, you can find him in this video shot in Lyon with two other members Hiesse and Meles.


Midnight Ravers

Electro. An electro-Mandinka combo, three Malian and three French people, invested in a complete project associating music, drawing and video.


Lucio Buckowski

Hip-Hop. New album by the founder of the very active Animalerie collective, a Lyonnais hip-hop reference. Throughout “Chansons”, Lucio Buckowski is accompanied by the beat maker Mani Deïz.


Sir Jean and Roots Doctors

Reggae. Sir Jean, former voice of the Mei Tei show and Peuple de l’Herbe, leaves afrobeat behind to come back to his reggae origins.



Hip-Hop. Amasia is the Lyonnais Shimshon and Synes producers’ new project, who brought the flow’s international and local artists together around their beats, such as Le Myster & Héron Pilon in this video shot in the Lyon Confluence neighbourhood.


James Stewart

SoulJames Stewart is the host, resident DJ and co-promoter of the monthly “Black Atlantic Club” night at Le Sucre in Lyon. Stewart presents “black music” as a transnational, incredibly diverse cultural exchange.


Thank you to our curators who helped us establish this playlist: Thomas Prian (Bizarre!), Pierre Marie Ouillon (Nuits Sonores), Sebastien Broquet (Petit Bulletin), François Tong (Eldorado), and Dominique Bissai.


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Le Sucre

Located in the Confluence district in southern Lyon, La Sucrière, an integral part of local modern art scene has a beautiful rooftop terrace and electro-dance club called Le Sucre.