How to visit Lyon in a different way

5 Unusual Guided Tours To Visit Lyon During The Festival of Lights


Let’s discover the city landmarks in unusual ways without worrying about subway lines, bus stops or directions they must go. That’s real luxury.


By Kevin Bonnaud


Lyon Tuk Tour, Exploring the city on a three-wheeled motorcycle vehicle

Renting an electronic tuk tuk is a fun and unconventional way to visit Lyon with friends or family folks without any effort to produce.

Enjoy the ride, take pictures (and selfies) admire the views while hearing stories about Lyon’s glorious past.

Visit Lyon with a Tuk Tuk

Lyon Tuk tour at the Croix-Rousse.

On top of that, seaters are not disturbed by rain showers thanks to a transparent tarpaulin covering the vehicle.

The one-hour private tour leads visitors to the city’s famous squares (Bellecour, Jacobins, Terreaux, Republique) and the Saone banks.

If you want to know more about the hill that prays (Fourviere) and the hill that works (Croix Rousse), choose a 2-hour tour.

Book your Tuk Tuk Tour.
Fares: 80 Euros (1 hour), 150 Euros (2 hours)
Departure Time: every day at 10am, 1pm, 4pm (3pm for the 2-hour tour).
Location: 3, Saint-Jean Square (Subway D Vieux-Lyon).

Brélon de Lyon, Vintage bike tours

Lyon has become a bikers-city in recent years with its affordable easy-to-use bike rental service.

However, some bicycle enthusiasts are not ready to give up their old-fashioned and colored Solex moped just yet (the famous French manufacturer sold over 7 million motorized bikes between 1946 and 1988).

Brélon de Lyon gives nostalgic visitors the opportunity to visit Lyon by renting a restored Solex with a jet helmet and a bicycle bag. They also have the privilege to ride on the roadway as well as on cycling paths.

Several guided tours are proposed to discover Croix-Rousse hill and its slopes or the city’s main squares. There is also a brunch tour with a gourmet break.

Riders can also choose their own itinerary stop by their favorite café or restaurant and drop the bike at a different location.

Vintage Bikes Tour – Le Brélon de Lyon
20, Rue Burdeau – Lyon 1 (Subway Hotel de Ville A, C or Croix-Paquet C).
Opening Hours: 9am-Noon / 3pm-7pm (Tuesday to Saturday).
Contact/bookings: 06 51 70 02 98 / [email protected]
Fares: Croix-Rousse tour (35 Euros – 90 minutes), Croix-Rousse to Bellecour tour (45 Euros – 2 hours), Brunch tour (50 Euros – 2h30).


My Little Kombi, Off-the-beaten-track tour in a vintage minivan

If you see a blue or yellow Volkswagen Kombi parked in a street where most first-time visitors almost never go, this might not be an abandoned vehicle, nor a travel trailer.

Vintage Volkswagen Kombi to visit Lyon

Enjoy visiting Lyon with VW Kombi.

“Pitchoune”, as the legendary vintage minivan is called, is an increasingly popular means of transportation among tourists looking for an authentic experience as they visit Lyon.

My Little Kombi proposes a 2-hour off-the-beaten-track tour across town to (re)discover Lyon through unusual stories told by a local driver.

The company also provides shuttle service from or to the airport (or to the train station) on weekdays (59 Euros) and wine trips to the nearby vineyards (Northern Rhone Valley, Beaujolais) which include tastings (59 Euros per passenger).

My Little Kombi – Volkswagen Kombi Tour (vintage minivans)
December 7-10 – 10am and 2pm (2-hour tour) – 35 euros per passenger (up to 7 passengers).


Praline et Rosette, a new Food Tour in Lyon

Lyon’s attractiveness among foreigners has a lot to do with fine cuisine and the number of local food specialties.

Paté croute and pastries on the menu with Praline et Rosette food tour.

Taste local Lyon’s food with Praline et Rosette

Gourmet visitors can taste eight of these culinary delicacies from cold cuts to quenelle, cervelle de Canut (cheese spreads) and pink praline pies in a 2-hour tour while learning about the local food history.

Praline and Rosette’s passionate guide tells anecdotes about the local peanut and famous female chefs like the Mère Brazier, France’s first woman to get three Michelin stars.

Wine lovers should consider a two-and-a-half-hour tour which includes two glasses of wine on the way…

Praline & Rosette Food Tour
Fares: 29/39 Euros depending of the tour you choose.


Wagon Bar, Gourmet Bus Tour in Lyon with a Michelin star chef

The Wagon bar looks like any double-decker sightseeing bus with one exception: the upper floor is a dining room where passengers taste fine wines and gourmet dishes made by Jérémy Galvian, a local chef who got his first Michelin star in 2017.

Michelin star diner in the Wagon Bar bus.

View on Place Bellecour from Wagon Bar bus restaurant

The 3-hour culinary journey gives gourmet visitors the opportunity to visit Lyon with the help of an iPad application that localizes the city monuments while listening to jazz music.

If you want to come for the view, reserve a gourmet lunch. If you want to come primarily for the food and the city lights, reserve a gourmet dinner.

The Wagon Bar will drive on the left bank of the Rhone river because of road closings in the city center during the evenings’ festivities.

Le Wagon Bar
Gourmet lunch: Saturday & Sunday (December 9-10)
Gourmet dinner: Thursday to Saturday (December 7-9)
Menus: 76 Euros
Departures: Noon (lunch) and 8pm (dinner) from Bellecour square.