Where to eat vegan food in Lyon?

Published: 2017/12/14

Vegetarian food and restaurants in Lyon


Being a vegetarian or a vegan in France is not always easy but in Lyon, well let’s just say that specialties are mainly based on meat. If you are having a quick look at any Bouchon (traditional restaurant in Lyon) you will find meat or dairy products at almost every dish.
This little guide might help you.


If food is quite important in France, Lyon find a real glory about its traditional dishes and when you are talking about traditions it’s becoming hard to argue nicely.

3 Ptits Pois: Organic grocery in Lyon

3 Ptits Pois, organic grocery store in Lyon


When you are becoming a vegetarian when you’re French it can be hard but at least you know what you will face.
Finding information in French on the internet is not that hard when you know how and where to look.


Lyon is quickly evolving with vegetarian food

But if you are arriving from a country where it’s not uncommon to be vegetarian/vegan, I can only imagine how destabilizing it can be.

According to the website jakubmarian.com in 2016 there was only 2.7 vegetarian restaurant in France for 7.2 in Germany, 6.8 in Spain and 11.3 in the UK.

So, if you’re coming from one of these countries where it is easy to get vegetarian food, it might be hard for you to find the right restaurant or to know where you should buy your food.

The good news is that Lyon is quickly evolving. More and more vegetarian places are opening each year. It might be hard to convince your friends visiting you that a Bouchon will not be your fist choice but at least you will have other addresses to lead them in a place where you can eat something.

Here are some of the places I like to go when I’m looking for a nice place to eat or for ingredients to cook.

Vegan and Organic restaurants in Lyon

Toutes les couleurs,

Organic and Vegan.
26 rue Imbert Colomès 69001 Lyon

Place des sens,

5, place Edgar Quinet 69006 Lyon

Le court circuit

Seasonal food and Vegetarian (and mostly organic).
Probably the less expensive of those 5 restaurants.
89 Rue Paul Bert, 69003 Lyon

Le jardin Interieur

Seasonal/local food and vegetarian (and mostly organic)
2 Rue Belfort, 69004 Lyon


Vegan, vegetarian and event. Raw if you want
89 rue Paul Bert 69003 LYON

Vegan food on the go in Lyon

Not the most varied meals you can find but if you are in a hurry they will prove themselves quite useful.


Tandooris: (Vegan if you take the naan without cheese) :

Le Tandoori:

The place is not really attractive but it is a well-known tandoori in Lyon if you just want to grab it and eat somewhere else.
8 Rue Sainte-Marie-des-Terreaux, 69001 Lyon

Tandoor :

This one is propose tandooris on the go but you can also have a proper indian meal at a real table !
10 Rue de Marseille, 69000 Lyon


Falafel (Vegan)


Yafaa proposes good falafels in a convenient place and reasonable price.
17 Rue d’Algérie, 69001 Lyon and
186 Avenue des Frères Lumière, 69008 Lyon




Every burger is made from organic ingredients and you can ask for the vegan burger.

Home made burgers in Yabio restaurants in Lyon

Yabio restaurant in Lyon

19 Rue du Garet, 69001 Lyon and
4 Rue des Marronniers, 69002 Lyon


Organic and vegan food shop in Lyon

If you want to cook vegetarian food it will be hard to find quality food in big places like Leclerc, Carrefour, Casino or Auchan. You will need to go to organic shops that you can find in many places as they multiplied so quickly those last 5 years.

If you are looking for small businesses:

  • De L’Autre Côté De La Rue
  • A la source
  • 3 Ptits Pois

If you are looking for bigger chains:

  • La vie Claire
  • Biocoop
  • Satoriz
  • Bio c’bon
  • L’eau vive
  • Naturalia
  • Un monde vegan (quite a small shop but specialized in vegan food)


There is many more places to discover but it’s a good start if you are lost in a foreign world of meat!

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