Video: My 5 picks for Nuits Sonores 2017

Published: 2017/03/13

Here are the five artists I can’t wait to see at the Nuits Sonores music Festival in Lyon.


Lady Leshurr – Queen Speech

A true master of verses and rhymes, this English rapper is known for her freestyle series and improvisations, making her an excellent choice to watch on stage.


Pharoah Sanders – Harvest Time

The idea of a jazz player like Sanders threw into the electro world of Nuits Sonores is such a powerful concept that I can’t wait to see the result, it doesn’t hurt the fact that Pharoah Sanders is regarded as one of the best sax players in the world.


The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats

The performance of the Manchester duo is the cherry on top of the Nuits Sonores lineup. A must watch.



Macadam Mambo – Bikini Freak

If you want to dance your worries away, Macadam Mambo is the way to go.



Derrick Carter – Where U at ?

The American Dj will be presenting a two-hour set devoted entirely to Disco and its influence in electronic music. As a fan of Saturday Night Fever, I refuse to miss this.



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Nuits Sonores festival

Lyon’s international electronic music festival. Les Nuits Sonores is an electronic music festival held every year in Lyon during the month of May.

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