Lyon seen by: Henri Granjean, photographer

Published: 2018/08/02

My Lyon in 10 pictures by Henri Granjean

This is Lyon is words, of course. But it is also images. We are asking photographers or illustrators to show and tell us about the city differently.


We are starting this series off with the photographer Henri Granjean. This Croix-Rousse inhabitant worked as a photographer for the press for a long time, but also for businesses and cultural institutions.

He is currently preparing a book and an exhibition of 50 photographs, taken these last couple of years, along with 50 texts from different authors.

Henri Granjean has often photographed the actions that have shaken up Lyon and the rest of France these last few years. This engaged photographer uses irony to show the “absurdities of our world”.



Lyon photographer Henri Granjean

The dance biennial parade, rue de la République. In the background, Lyon’s opera located on place de la Comédie, opposite the city hall. Built in 1831 by Antoine-Marie Chenavard and Jean-Marie Pollet, it was completely restructured and expanded between 1989 and 1993 by Jean Nouvel. © Henri Granjean


Lyon photographer Henri Granjean

Photograph from the “comic strip” series. February 2013, rue de la République, Lyon. © Henri Granjean


Henri Granjean photography

European elections, student rally at Place des Terreaux, after the National Front’s win, which takes the lead in a national French election for the first time. © Henri Granjean


Henri Granjean photography

September 2012. European Heritage Day. Saint Paul Prison. “Anamorphosis” by French artist Georges Rousse. © Henri Granjean


Vogue des Marrons by photographer Henri Granjean

The “Vogue des marrons” fair, Lyon Croix-Rousse. Photograph taken in the context of an exhibition presented in parallel to David Ayala’s show called “Le vent se lève, les idiots, les irrécupérables” (or “The wind picks up, the idiots, the irredeemable”).


Statue on the Saône river in Lyon by Henri Granjean

Inauguration of the 23 artworks set up along the 15 km of the Saone banks path, centered around the main theme imagined by Tadashi Kawamata. Here, “The Weight of Oneself” created by the Scandinavian artists Elmgreen & Dragset. (The statue represents a man who is carrying himself.) © Henri Granjean


Joggers by Henri Granjean

“Joggers” on the Raymond Barre bridge connecting the Gerland and Confluences neighbourhoods. In the background, the Confluences natural history, anthropology, societies and civilizations museum. © Henri Granjean


Part Dieu district in Lyon by Henri Granjean

View of the Part Dieu esplanade connecting the train station to the mall. Photograph taken in the World Trade Center, Business center located on the last floor of the Oxygen Tower, in the heart of the Part-Dieu business district. © Henri Granjean


Nuits sonores festival by Henri Granjean

10th anniversary of the Nuits Sonores festival. Grand Hotel Dieu, Lyon. © Henri Granjean


Crédit Lyonnais Tower by Henri Granjean

February 2013. View of the Crédit Lyonnais Tower from the Oxygen Tower. © Henri Granjean


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